Saturday, July 23, 2011

RFL Diet Day 6

Weight 134.5 pounds
Energy 8/10
Appearance Lean
Water 70/128
Macro Nutrients cal 919 F 52g C 20g P 91g
Cardio None
Training Tension

Struggled with macros again. Low on my protein, high on fat, carbs fine. Friday nights I usually go out to dinner with my family. It is hard to gauge macros when at a restaurant. We went to a local steak house. Well, I am a regular because they will take care to cook things exactly like I tell them to cook it. I chose to have a buffalo bun of course, side of fresh broccoli, and side salad with no dressing. The buffalo burger seemed to be a bit fatty...I can tell by how tender the meat is.

My weight did not change and I expected that because it has been a few days without cardio. I am going to do cardio today and I think I will see a change on the scale tomorrow. I plan to do the stair master for 30 minutes at a low level (5/15). I am good at the stair master so it does not get my heart up to much. I usually start working hard at level 10/15 and I get a great workout at 12/15 and I burn a ton of calories at that level. I am always tempted to push the level up, but I can't since my calories are so low on RFL.

I am feeling good. I actually feel better when my carbs AND FAT grams are low. I feel rotten when I eat the high fat high carb process foods, but oh do they taste so good. High fat and high protein sits bad in my gut as well....seems like the food just sits in my stomach forever. So, I feel good on this diet as well as the UD2 diet.

I am hoping to use UD2 for contest prep diet. I am excited to see how my body respond to clean refeeds. I am determined to stay clear of all the cupcakes, muffins, donuts, and candy that I love. I am a junk food junkie and a high volume eater. It is nothing I am proud of but to give you an idea of a typical "bad" day let's look at my food on last Sunday.

Belgian waffle with alot of syrup
4 mini muffins
2 scrambled eggs
Cup of hash browns

One of those huge Hershy with almonds bars

A steak sandwich at the Steak Escape in food mall.
Diet pop

5 cookies from the cookie factory ( you know the malls cookie factory)

Fried pickles
Some cheese bread
2 beers

As horrible as that looks, that is a typical cheat day.

So, as you can see I am a high volume eater and I feel that I found the holy Grail with the RFL and UD2 diet. I find that I can eat super bad for 3 days if I eat right and low calorie for 4 days. So what would I look like if I did the refeed days the way I am suppose to??? We will find out.

Still really hot in Ohio!!! My outside plants are not happy despite frequent waterings.

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My elephant ear plant

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