Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RFL Day 9

Weight 135.8
Energy 10/10
Appearance Mild bloating
Water 60/128
Macro Nutrients
Cardio Stairmaster
Training None

I am feeling good today. Last night after my workout I went to the stadium to pick up my daughter. I was about 35 minutes early....which I did on purpose. I wanted to finish off my workout at the stadium. My daughter is on the volleyball team and they were doing conditioning at the stadium on the track. I did not want to interfere with the team workout, so I took some time to watch what they were doing. According to my daughter, they were doing conditioning training. What I saw was alot of standing around and minimal training. I was appalled. Are you kidding me??? No wonder Erica (my daughter) seemed out of breath after running down the basketball court for a while. She is very athletic, but obviously not being trained to be the best. I understand now. It was distressing to see many of the high school volleyball girls looking exhausted with the little bit of workout they did!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!


Disgraceful. I hate to say that, but disgraceful!! Maybe I came on a bad day...but my daughter said that this is typical training.

My daughter knows that I train and am in good shape, but she has never trained with me. That has changed as of yesterday. I will train my daughter during volleyball season. I talked to her at length last night and we both agreed that it may be beneficial for her. So this morning we woke up at 6 am and was at the stadium by 6:15am. The first thing that came out of her mouth was, do I have to run?? I hate to run???? FREAKING CRAP...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I mustard up some niceness and politely told her, yes we will run. That is part of conditioning. To start off with, we jogged at a leisurely pace around the track one time to get warmed up. That's just a quarter of a mile. She did try to fast walk some of the curves but I would not let her. I was thinking....OMG this is going to be painful. After the jog, we did walking high knees back and forth for 4 times 25 yards one way, 25 yards back for a total of 100 yards. Then we did 2 sets of jogging high knees for a total of 50 yards...no sweat. I looked at my daughter and she was sweating and out of breath and we have not even started. I could not believe it!!! Then we did walking lunges 25 forward turn around 25 back for a total of 50 walking lunges. In her mind she was working out...in my mind we were warming up.

Now the fun begins. To start the workout, we sprinted 100 yards then fast walked the curves of the track, then sprinted 100 yards and walked the curves. That was one set for 1 quarter of a mile. We did 2 sets and she was exhausted. We took a small drink break and then she asked...are we done? I said nope, we have to run the stairs. I briefed her on the routine....we will sprint up the stairs....jog across the bleachers....and fast walk down the next row of stairs....and that is one set. We had 4 sets of them to do and I told her she needed to keep up with me. She did keep up but was extremely winded. After that we were essentially done and I told her that. She sat on the bleachers and told me she felt like she was going to throw up. I told her to hold it until after the cool down which was simply a walk around the track for a quarter of a mile. We did that and she did just fine. We got in the cars and she was drenched in sweat. She looked at me and said, mom....you are not even hardly sweating. I smiled and told her that I train hard every day but there used to be a time when it was very hard for me. She said that she had no idea how great of shape I was in. That flattered me and I told her that she will be conditioned in no time and that she will be more fit than me.

Tomorrow we will have a light cardio day and Thursday we will do a full body strength routine. We are both excited to train together. I am also cleaning up her poor eating habits too. Out goes the ramen noodles lol.

We will see how long this last. I took some pictures of Erica starting out. We are starting a 12 week training and diet plan/challenge.

As far as my training goes....I am going to finish this week up and start UD2 on Monday. Can't wait to start UD2 again (Ultimate Diet 2.0).

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Daughter running the stairs

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
My daughter's 1st progress pics.....Day 1

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