Thursday, July 21, 2011

RFL Day 4

Weight 135.8 (-7.3 pounds)
Energy 10/10
Appearance can see a little abs now
Water 80/126 oz
Macro Nutrients Cal 1102 F 21g C 26g P 199g
Cardio 35 min stairmaster low intensity
Training None

Did not get my water in yesterday but other than that I was on point. I revisited RFL book and looked at the macro break down to see how I could possibly meet the low carb, low cal, low fat expectations of the program. I discovered that I ate way too many veggies....I eat alot of veggies and higher fat meat. So, I am back to my chicken and turkey breast, salmon, tuna, and decrease my red meat somewhat...not eliminate red meat, but decrease it. I am going to keep my veggies to 3-4 cups a day. No more eating a head of steamed cauliflower or a bag of frozen green beans, etc. If I do things correctly I can stay can stay within the low calorie range. Basically the RFL diet is an all protein diet. It is pretty restrictive if you are a category 1. There are 3 categories, and a category1 is only 2 weeks....or 11 days without a refeed and the calories are pretty low....around 1000 for me which is insanely low!! And the majority of those calories are protein. I am on day 4 and I am feeling fine with high energy. I looked at myself in the mirror and I am beginning to see my cuts coming back. Today I am having grilled chicken, salmon, cottage cheese, celery, and I will confess....I throw in a 10g carb protein bar...I love them and I will have it if my fats and carbs remain low throughout the day. I rewarded myself with a bar last night :)

It is over 100 degrees F and my daughter is playing softball in this super hot weather. I do not think I will have any problem getting my gallon of water in today.

My daughter's dad is the coach on the traveling team. She is 14 years old and an athletic beast. I won't have to pay much for college because she is an amazing athlete and also a straight A student....she takes after her mommy :).

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