Thursday, July 21, 2011

RFL Day 3

Weight 139.1
Energy 10/10
Appearance Smooth no abs
Water 138/128 over a gallon in :)
Macro Nutrients Cal 1457 Fat 59 g C 29g P 197g
Cardio None
Training Glycogen depletion
1257 kcal

Fail to Plan....Plan to Fail!!! I did not prepare my chicken breast the night before work. I had planned on using my lunch break to run home and grill my chicken breasts in my new wave oven. Well you know, things got busy at work and I could not get away. I ran to the cafeteria line and ordered 3 servings of asparagus and ate that. Got home late, ran to the grocery store and bought a cooked rotisserie chicken to eat. Ate 3/4 of the chicken, ran to the gym, trained, then ran to the softball field to watch my daughter play a double header. When I got home, I weighed the remaining chicken that I did not eat to get some idea how much I ate. I ate 23 oz of chicken.....actually less when you subtract the bone. I entered that in mynetdiary online food and calorie tracker and was upset that my fat was up considerably and I was not even close to my protein needs, while my calories were at 1000. I did not want to sacrifice protein because I had trained so I ate 10 oz of my famous tuna patties (10 oz of tuna, 1 egg, and 5 saltiness crackers) fried in Pam coated pan. I ate them as well as 11 ounces of yellow squash. high calories. Boo.

Did drink over a gallon of water. Yea! I was not surprised when the scale remained the same this morning.

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