Sunday, July 24, 2011

RFL Day 7

Weight 134.5
Energy 9/10
Appearance Lean
Water 64/128 oz
Macro Nutrients
Cardio Stairmaster
Training legs

I got up this morning all excited to step on that scale. Before I popped out of bed I felt my abs and I did not feel any bloat....yeah baby. Then up I went and headed to the bathroom to see my skinny self in the mirror and I was pleased with what I saw and could not wait to see the drop on the scale. Then over to the scale and....drumroll.........134.5 pounds. Same weight I have been for 3 days. I had to laugh. I did the same thing my first round of RFL. I dropped 8 pounds and was stuck the rest of the time. My RFL goal this round is 132 pounds. I will be thrilled with 132 pounds.

My first round of RFL I started off at 134 pounds and got down to 127. Then I did UD2 for 8 weeks and definitely added 2 pounds of solid muscle...and a tiny bit of fat. After my 10 day diet break I started this round at 143 (143 seems high but it is falsely high...I was carb saturated and just starting my period so with those 2 issues my weight was up 5-7 pounds in water). So, I think I have lost about a pound of fat so far I think. The scale is just a tool for me to monitor fluctuations in my weight (water, fat, muscle, bones...etc) but it means nothing to me in regards to bodyfat loss. The mirror is my biggest guide. I can see when stuff is happening.

It's been 7 days and when I look in the mirror I can see some abdominal separation however not crisp at all. My arms are somewhat smooth, but I can see some separation. My back is where I judge my leanness the most. I tend to carry fat on my lower back and when I have gained fat I can see it there. I am carrying a good amount of fat on my lower back. Legs are not a weak point for me anymore. I have gained considerable size to my legs and I can see separation. I would say my legs are my most improved body part. My shoulders are coming along, but I would call them my weakest body part...oh wait...nope, my calves are pitiful....a genetic thing for sure.

I am happy with my progress thus far, especially since I am not taking any thermogenics at all. I am looking forward to getting back on UD2.

So let's see if I hit my 132 weight goal. Low lepton levels are playing against me and probably keeping me stuck at 134.5 pounds. What I really think I need is a refeed meal!! I have been contemplating doing that today to get my lepton levels up and maybe move things along.....but one refeed meal probably won't do shit. So I will stay the course and do some other things such as hitting my protein macros while keeping fat low and getting my water in. I am going to get at least a gallon in today and try to hit 200g of Protein. Those will be my goals for the day.

I will take progress pics on Friday morning. I am looking forward to this week.

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