Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How about that cookie.......

I was at work late today itching to leave, but I had some things that I wanted to check off of my checklist before I left. You know how good it feels to check things off of your checklist...haha. I had a package delivered that contained some cute shirts that I ordered that were on sale. I ordered the shirts to help keep my holiday eating in check. I am not on a diet per se, but I really need to keep my nutrition somewhat on point to keep from gaining the dreaded holiday spread that gets me every year!

So, I ordered 6 really cute shirts. Five of the 6 shirts are posted on this log and please note that it IS NOT ME WEARING THOSE SHIRTS!!!!

Prior to my package arriving, I contemplated heading to the cafeteria to get a couple of no-bake cookies. I told myself that I will hit the gym really hard, so what harm will 2 little cookies have on my physique?? Before I left for the cafeteria I got an email that my package had arrived and that Don will bring it to my office. So, I waited for Don and my package. Like a kid, I opened the package and to my delight the shirts were as cute as they were in the magazine....but they were kinda small. This did not surprise me because I ordered them small to help keep me motivated to eat clean. Now, what about that no-bake cookie awaiting my arrival in the cafeteria? Well, I passed on the cookies after looking at those small shirts, lol.I hurried up and completed the stuff on my checklist and headed home.

Package in hand, I headed straight to the bathroom to try these shirts on. The shirt listed above was UNFORGIVING! It hugged every curve and fat pad that I had. Whoa...pretty small, haha but soooo cool!

Let me try this one....

God help me. The same thing....I got some work to do to wear this shirt with pride.

Well maybe I can fit this one....

Damn!!! Now I am getting somewhat pissed off. Surely I can fit this one, eh? Nope, it is quite snug. must be the brand. Dereon is the brand of all the shirts listed above. It is Beyonce's line of clothing. Come On Beyonce' are a curvy mama....what's up with these tiny shirts? So must be the brand right?

Haha.....let's try Coogi!!!

Hmmmm.....better than Dereon but not by much...still freakin tight. I won't be wearing this anytime soon.

How about the Ecko brand......please, please, please let me be able to look good in at least one of the shirts, right?

Dang, dang, dang.... IT'S A NO GO!!!!

I can hear my coach saying one of his favorite lines in regards to my decision to not stick to his diet plan for a bit....

"how's that working for ya"


Well suffice it to say, my dinner will be very clean and I won't be eating any cookies tonite either.

Time to hit the gym!!

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