Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun

Monday was a day off from training so Tuesday was Day 1 of 5 of my MET training. Day 1 is LEG DAY and this day just wipes me out. I mean literally every muscle in my body hurts after leg day. So I completed my millions of reps of leg day pain on Tuesday.

Wednesday I could hardly get the motivation to train. I was trying to come up with every excuse in the world to not train and to maneuver my training days to be off Tuesday night. Well, I took Monday as a day off....I only get 2 days off a week. If I took Wednesday off that would mean I would have to train Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday....4 days in a row, which I am not suppose to train more than 3 in a row. So it was 11pm when I found myself training. I took the easy way out Day 2 and did only 2 sets of each exercise versus 3 sets of each exercise. I did that for 2 reasons, 1) I was training at the gym at 11pm at night ALONE and people can see straight into the gym and see me train. That creeps me out. Quick side story....I had this kinda scary looking guy approach me in the grocery store. He kept staring at me and he seemed to be following me from aisle to aisle. He stopped me in the water aisle and politely said, are the girl that trains like hell at night at the gym. I smiled and said, yeah that is me and walked away. Now I get creeped out at night training at the gym. 2) The other reason I trained lightly was because I was still feeling huge muscle soreness from the leg workout the previous day. I was hurting!!!!

Thursday was Thanksgiving and I did take that day off to eat laugh and be happy with the family. Tradition is to spend the holidays at my moms house so I popped the turkey in the oven at 0800 and by 1pm we were in the car driving 1 hour to my moms house. Hubby drove as my 15 year old and I acted like kids in the back seat taking pictures on her iPod.

When we got to my moms we were greeted by my sis and my nieces and nephews who traveled from Kentucky.

In this pic is me, my daughter, my sis, and my her son nephew.

Then I went to see my two nieces to give them a hug and to take pictures of course.

My sis kids Kandace and Karri-Lynn

These are the guys..... My sis's ex Karry in the grey and my ex Rick in the The ex's never leave the family.....they will always be family.

My hubby Bob

My beautiful mother-in-law

Then my daughter and her fiancé show up with my precious grand baby Karmen.

And of course, Kathy, King, and me are sportin' our 49ers jerseys

Then my daughter Jessica shows up with my grandson Cameron. Her hubby had to work unfortunately.

So we had family all throughout the house having a good time...

Hubby, my mom, sis, and Karry in the back room

My niece with Cam

My daughter asking her fiancé to do something that he did not want to

My 3 beautiful there is another baby in Kathy's stomach that is hiding under that 49ers jersey.

Rick with the girls and granddaughter

My niece, son-in-law, and daughter

And let me give you the low down of what I ate.....

My first plate was filled with BBQ Ribs, ham, turkey, dressing, cabbage slaw, sweet potatoes and mash potatoes. I ate it all

My second plate was filled with some more ribs, a roll, some fruit salad, more sweet potatoes and dressing.

A few hours later I had banana cream pie.

And the entire time I sipped on alot of And let me tell you this, I ate it GUILT FREE and the food tasted better than ever because I was not worried about my diet!!! My hubby drove home and I laid down in the back seat with quite the tummy ache and mild wine

I awoke this morning ready to train hard. I went to the gym and trained my butt off and then ate some junk. Tonite I am babysitting my granddaughter for the first time all night. She is 7 months old and this is the first time she is sleeping apart from her parents.

Tomorrow, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving all over again with my in-laws!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

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