Monday, November 7, 2011

God Don't Like Ugly

God don't like ugly. My mom used to always say that phrase whenever unfair circumstances hit me or someone was just being darn right mean! If I was being mean or unfair, she would say it to me. Now, I find myself saying it at least 3-4 times a week.

Now....the God don't like ugly saying is a very popular saying in the black community. I don't hear many white people saying that phrase except my best friend at work. Amy and I have been hanging together for almost 18 years at work. We share alot of our successes and challenges together at work. Actually, we are pretty close. Well after all these years, Amy has picked up some of my black sayings and the God don't like ugly is one of the phrases she says just as much as I do. Her birthday is this month and so I was looking to get her something for her birthday. I don't usually get her squat for her birthday, but I was feeling giving this year for some reason. Well I found the PERFECT GIFT!!! A long sleeve black tee with the saying God Don't Like Ugly!! I bought me one too...haha. Well she loved it and that made me happy. She sent me a picture of herself with it on....

She would so kill me if she knew I posted this picture of her on my blog. Haha....I don't think Amy knows what a blog is, so she will never find out. She hates the social network stuff. But Amy sending me this picture made my day.

Training was a bear this morning! I trained legs and changed up my routine just a little bit....well so I thought was a little bit. I just added several pounds to a Full Squat and did 3 sets of fifteen prior to my quadplex workout. Just this one move made the already grueling workout somewhat I had to force myself to complete the entire training.

My butt and legs already are killing me from the workout.

Diet for the day...... ummmmm, hmmmmm......I want to avoid that conversation all together.....but then I hear the coach whisperer whispering this in my ear.... "Fear is what lurks behind "perfectionism"- but volition is what stands in front of "excellence" - choose excellence!" I did not choose excellence....I chose the quarter pounder with cheese and fries for lunch. I could feel guilty for not being true to my diet, but where will that get me...right?

Okay, I will choose excellence and discipline tomorrow.

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