Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm not fat dude!!!!

Alright, alright, alrighty dude!!!! Just because I don't post progress pictures like I used to does not mean I have turned into fat Annette. I used to post weekly progress pictures on and I have stopped posting the pictures because I decided not to compete this year. Plus.....I don't need to post pictures anymore because I have more confidence in my ability to stay accountable toward reaching my goals then I did in January of this year.

I used to post pictures to help me stay accountable to the diet. I don't need that anymore.

I am happily enjoying my off diet whatsoever. My goal is to look better January 1, 2012 then I did January 1, 2011. I will meet that goal for sure if I simply maintain my current weight.....which is nothing to brag about. I weighed myself a few hours ago and cringed when I saw 145 pounds. Well.....hmmmm......can I blame it on the fact that I am going to start my period tomorrow??? Haha.....maybe a little. Ummmmmm or was it the eggs, hash browns, coffee cake, lasagna, greenbeans, 5 mini peppermint patties, and 2 peanut butter cookies I ate today...oh yeah...and a can of regular pepsi.

I decided to take some pictures of myself because I really have not taken any pictures in my sports bra and shorts for awhile....and I know I have put on some weight. So I took some pics and compared them to my leanest body this year...March 2011.

In March I was 126 pounds!!! Today I weighed in at a whopping 145 pounds...ummm that is 20 pounds difference. Most people would be crying their eyes out to hear they had put on 20 pounds. Haha.....not me. I am actually kinda excited because I know I have been gaining some muscle since March so I think some of the weight is muscle. I think I have gained about 3-4 pounds of muscle. So if that is true that takes me down to 15 pounds heavier cuz muscle is good! Then, let's take off another 6-8 pounds of water weight from all the carbs and my period bloat. So that would leave about 7-8 pounds of fat gain since my leanest point.

I can definitely see the fat under my sports bra but check out my delts and triceps...more muscle for sure! I am super duper proud of the shoulders and I can see the growth even with a layer of fat covering it. Starting January 1, 2012 I will start the diet that coach has prepared for me. I am looking forward to the cutting phase actually.

Yep...some fat in the lower back and the arms but.....I see muscle too!!

Yeah....the front looks pretty full NO ABS AT ALL! But guess what I have now......boobs!!

I don't think I look fat.....

Now...let me show ya a picture of me Jan 1 last year. Hmmmm. I am thinking I was around 156-159 pounds this time last year. That is my typical yoyo holiday weight gain that I do every year. I don't consider myself fat at that weight either, but I am definitely "chunky".

So.... Back to the dude who left me the private message. He never asked if I gained any weight....he just asked me for the reason that I stopped posting progress pics. He probably just wanted to know.

Here are his exact words...

"Hi Annette, how have you been? I really like your profile picture. You look great. Keep up the great work. I noticed that you have not posted any progress pictures for a while. Hoping to see some soon. Kind regards"

Hahaha......innocent enough, huh?

This is what I said in my know those stories we make up in our mind about people. Here's my version of what he said...

Annette with an attitude...

Hmmmph.....he just thinks I am getting fat again. Who does he think he is to question why I have chosen not to post progress pictures....I am not fat dude!! I just CHOOSE NOT TO POST PICTURES cuz I am better than that now. I have grown, I don't need to post stupid pictures to keep me on track any more.

Ummmmmm.....well I have put on some weight. (Now I am starting to think fat thoughts even more). WELL, let me see. (I peeled all my clothes off and took a long look at myself naked). Well, I look ok....I am not worried. (Then I jump on the scale). DAMN IT.... Well, I am going to start my period and all that weight is water weight. I look just fine. Uuuuuhhhhhhh, well maybe I should see what I look like in pictures. Pictures don't lie. (I ran down stairs and got the camera). Well...let me take a picture in the new tee that I bought that is a bit too tight and let me see what I really look like in that. ( k....hold the stomach in, OK...I can live with that. But what do I really look like in a sports bra with my stomach and fat exposed?

(I run to my drawer and pull out my old progress pic clothing). Agh....the sports bra is kinda tight again....SHIT!!! but, hey.....look....the boobs look good. I do like having boobs again and being a bit more curvy. look good girl. ( I run to the camera, set the timer for 10 sec, hold the stomach in and say

What the heck is that, do I see the dreaded back fat???? EEEEWW there it is and look at that lower back fat...really. Is that the start of a muffin top over my shorts? WTF!!!!!

But look.....I see muscle. And remember Annette, you NEVER take pictures late in the day. You always look better first thing in the morning. You are just bloated with water weight. Yeah....that's it. (I am back on my happy track).

I AM NOT GOING TO POST ANY PROGRESS PICTURES THOUGH!!! Haha, but I will post the pictures in my blog for the few people that care to read about my insanity.

So here I am writing this blog thanks to an innocent question that this dude asked.


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