Sunday, November 6, 2011

I feel my age today.....

You know the saying, you're only as old as you feel? Well, let me tell you this, that may be true mentally, but physically....well whatever.

I was doing day 5 of the Ultimate Figure Workout and man ole man I did not feel 20 years I feel mentally. I felt every bit my age! Every bit my age and then some. FORTY-SIX YEARS OLD.....ALMOST FORTY-SEVEN!!

Started doing my squat jacks...OMG...then the jumping jacks....ugh....then the freakin me.... and then the mountain climbers. I am tired and that was only set one of 3 in this quad complex. And guess what I have 3 more complexes equally as taxing that I cannot imagine that I will complete.

I felt like crap the very first complex today. Wow!! I have been doing this workout 6 weeks, but today I was feeling every bit of it. I wanted to go home and rake leaves or something.

I somehow got through the workout giving it my all. My joints felt old. I felt mentally old after the workout too.

Sometimes I feel like I am super woman. I can keep up with the twenty-somethin babies and then reality hits me square in my face. No I can't lol.

Even as I type this blog my eye sight is not 20/20 like it was even a year ago. It seems like my eyes went from fine to needing freaking bifocals over night. What the heck? I need to make an appointment with my eye doctor this coming week. Yeah, I know what he will tell me. I am near sighted and have been for years, but this is the very first time that I can not see clearly when things are close to reading. So, I will probably have to add the LINELESS bifocals to my glasses. CRAP.

And the gray hair!! Yeah, I cover it up with hair dye....but now I have to cover it more often. I can deal with that, BUT now I am getting more and more gray hairs in areas that I won't mention that is simply pissing me off. Face it Annette, I am getting old!

Now back to training and nutrition for my boy, thecitylive....who really can care less about my whining about age.

I am proud to say that my cheat day on Saturday was the best cheat day I have ever had in the sense that I did not go crazy. I had a cheat meal only!! My cheat meal was at a buffet where I chose to eat a good amount. I had baked chicken, some shrimp, garlic cheese bread, and bread dressing. I also had about 1/2 serving of banana pudding, 1/2 serving of bread pudding, and then a normal slice of chocolate cake with some coffee. It was good. So instead of an entire cheat day, I just had one cheat meal. I am proud of myself.

Training wise, I killed it all week, working hard and challenging myself with the quad complexes.

This morning I noticed some more shoulder development as I looked at myself in the mirror. I am proud of that. I am loving Scott Abel for that. And even cooler than that, I was doing some cleaning this morning when my daughter said, mom, I can see your six pack. I did not notice a six pack in the mirror, but it is there I suppose. Forty-six year old lady with a six pack. Now I feel twenty something

Before I headed to the gym I updated my facebook status that I was heading to the gym. One of my friends posted, I wish I had your discipline. I did not write back, but what I wanted to say is that you do have the discipline inside of you. You just have to make a decision to just do it, even when you don't want to.

I am hungry today....really hungry. But I am going to behave.

The picture above.......Isn't the maple tree in my back yard beautiful? Fall is such a gorgeous season.

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