Monday, November 21, 2011

What I have learned so far....

2011 has been a good year for me. This is the year that I have finally caught up with myself and have somewhat quieted the revving engines in my head. Instead of being in overdrive all of the time in my world, I can honestly say that I am in overdrive 50% of the time. That in itself is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

This has been a year of growth for me in many ways. Slowing down and taking the time to smell the coffee at least 3/7 days has done wonders for me. I have paused long enough to appreciate the people in my life. I cherish being a grandma....I beam with pride holding my grand kids. I have an extremely close relationship with my kids (always have) and I have a greater appreciation and love for my husband. I can honestly say that I care about each and every one of my employees.....every one of them. Before this year, I was too busy to notice how awesome my staff is. I have a great boss too and a best friend at work. How cool is that?My mom, sis, and brother is a constant support for me....always been there for me. And I have a wonderful bunch of friends on and off line that care about me. I am blessed indeed. Last but not least, my new coach Scott Abel has been a godsend for sure.

I am a blessed woman!!! I did not mention God did I? Well, I did mention God indirectly because I see God in each and every one of the people that has touched my life.

Well, the holiday season is among us and I have one goal....and that goal is to maintain my weight between 135-137 pounds. I am not looking to lose any weight, but I don't want to gain weight either.

Jan 1, 2011 I weighed in at 151 pounds

My new years resolution was to get down to about 130 pounds without losing too much muscle. My second goal was not to yo-yo and regain all the weight that I lost back. So I entered a challenge and lost 25 pounds by April 26, 2011

This pic was taken around mid March 2011

The 2 pink bikini pictures were taken April 26, 2011 and I was 126 pounds.
After that, my weight even out at an average of 135 pounds.

When I behave and eat correctly, my weight stays around 130 pounds. When I am bad and eat off the diet, I maintain my weight between 135-138 pounds.

Since I have been training with coach, I have relaxed my diet....alot. Actually I am not on a diet at all. I am training hard, but eating pretty much whatever I want. I have put on some pounds for sure, but I try to keep things in check according to the mirror. If my abs disappear completely, I back off of some of the junk food until they come back. This weekend I did not see any abs so I need to cut back on the junk this week. The last photos I took of myself in a bikini was the end of October.

Nothing to brag about for sure, but I am maintaining my weight between 135-137 pounds and I do have some nice improvements in my shoulder and back muscles. Considering I am eating....ummmmm....pretty bad, I am looking ok. I went from a size 10 to a size 6. Last week I bought some new dress pants that are a size 6 with some wiggle room and all my tops and dresses are a small even at 137 pounds. That is pretty cool stuff in my opinion.

I will take my next pictures the first week of Jan 2012 to compare them to Jan 2011 and see if I met my second goal of maintaining my weight loss.

The training routine that Scott has me on is doing wonders for my strength and endurance. My God, if I did my diet like I am suppose to, I would probably be pretty lean indeed! Maybe after a few things settle down in my life, I will add the diet component back into the plan. I have two big stressors happening right now and, so I have chosen to relax my diet while I work on some of these stressors. I think a better word for stressor is challenges. I am being challenged in a couple of areas of my life. I welcome the challenges because I see these challenges as growth opportunities.

This year I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and just relax and love life and everything it brings. The BIGGEST thing I have learned this year is the LAW OF ATTRACTION. My life is a true reflection of my inner thoughts and my soul. I look around and I see all that I have created....both good and bad. Powerful stuff.

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