Friday, November 4, 2011

Reporting my progress to my coach.....omg

I submitted my first training and nutrition notes to my trainer this past Monday. I did not have anything special to report. Actually my report was blah....... I did not follow the diet for a week.

I took all of last week off from my diet and ate whatever I wanted. I had a few stressors that I was dealing with last week. I have been making some gigantic life changing decisions and I was just emotionally paralyzed and so I chose the easy way out. I ate all the chocolate, cookies, and cake that I wanted during the stress as if somehow the chocolate was going to make the stress less noticeable.

Well of course towards the end of the week all the crazy cheating and crap just added to my stress and anxiety as I got on the scale to assess the damage. was bad and I reported the ugly numbers to coach. On a positive note, my training had been spot on and I was proud of my training report.

Well coach was great. I submitted my report around 0730 Monday morning. By 0800 I had a response to my report and we made just a few adjustments to my training plan. He was honest and straight to the point about some of my issues and in regards to my cheating, I am going to have stress in my life and I need to develop ways to deal with the stresses without indulging in unhealthful habits. He suggested that I read his new books....which I had already purchased but did not open....titled "Food Issues and You". There is a workbook that could be purchased with the book which I had and so I opted to read the workbook first. I did all the exercises in the workbook during this week. I found the exercises to be very powerful and helpful and now I am reading the book.

For the first time I am going into this weekend without a huge desire to cheat. Normally I look forward to Friday to start my cheat fest. And Scott does allow me to have 1 cheat day a week. But today, I focused on eating healthy and did two of the exercises to help me work through 2 moments of mental weakness when I wanted to dive into a couple of no bake cookies. The exercises worked. I have managed to get through Friday with 1400 calories of healthy food. Imagine that!! Now we will have to see what happens tomorrow. I can have alot of fruit after my training tomorrow if I want.

My training has been the same....alot of metabolic training. I do 4 quadplexes a day for 5 days. Within the quadplexes there are 4 exercises to perform without any rest or minimal rest in-between sets. Of course the exercises are crazy hard and I have to dig deep within myself to push through the sets. I do 3 sets per exercise within the quadplexes. That is alot of exercises and my goal is beat my previous time using proper form. I have accomplished that. When I conquer that, Scott will probably add on....who knows what.

I miss traditional weight training, but this MET training that I am doing is definitely bringing me results much faster than the traditional weight training programs I have done in the past. Heck, I am starting to see some shoulder development and I am seeing cuts in my back that I have never seen before even in a depleted state.

Nutrition wise I am eating ALOT of carbs! I think that if I would do Scott's diet on point seven days a week (like I should) I would be leaner than I was when I was not eating many carbs. My goal is to try to stay on point a minimum of 6 days a week consistently until Thanksgiving. I will take 2 days off of my diet for Thanksgiving.

I gained 8 pounds during the 9 days that I did not do the diet. I ate off plan on Monday and was up 8 pounds Tuesday morning.....YIKES!!!!!!! that was 3 more pounds heavier than my reported weight gain to Scott on Monday. I stuck to my diet Tue/Wed/Thu and was back down 8 pounds this morning.
And the beautiful thing about this is....I AM EATING ALOT OF CARBS!!

I read a great article that I found on one of the websites that I am a member of. It motivated me to be mentally tough. Here is the article.

Mental Toughness Training

I also visited a few of my friends forum journals for inspiration and motivation. And of course, my coach Scott Abel's website and facebook keeps me motivated. Scott Abel's Face Book page is full of words of wisdom

Scott's Webpage

Scott Abel Facebook

Scott Abel's Life Coaching Blog

Scott Abel's Blog Spot

My grand babies Halloween Costumes :)

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