Thursday, August 15, 2013

Backpack Heaven....

Another day no workout. I am just beat after a full days work and I just don't feel like killing it at the gym. I am finding a familiar pattern with myself. When stress increases at work, the harder it is for me to stay on plan. I am just I go home and relax.

Part of me feels good being at home relaxing while I type this blog. Another part of me is saying, you need to be at the gym. Oh well....

I carry a lot of stuff to work and so I carry a computer backpack daily. Yup...sometimes I am dressed in business attire with a backpack on my back...a brief case would never So, I have had my current backpack for 6 years. Gosh... I bought it when I had a Dell laptop. That was about 6 laptops ago. I got new laptops  but my good old faithful backpack stayed with me all these years and served me well.
Old Faithful
Well, if you look closely, my strap on the left side started unraveling about 3 weeks ago. It got worse daily until the foam started making its way out rendering my strap unusable. So sadly I had to start looking for a new bag. This was a sad moment for me because I LOVED my backpack and I had a spot for everything I like to carried in it. 

So the hunt began on eBay. It took me forever looking at bag after bag on eBay, but then I spotted it. It looked kinda like my bag. The most important thing I was looking for in a replacement back pack was a lot of slots for all my things. I FOUND IT!!! JOY. Here SHE IS....

Newbie Backpack....also got another package with some face products I use
Excuse my un-made bed....

I took her out of the box and she felt sturdy...but not comfortable like old faithful. She was stiff and new smelling. 

Sadly I went to old faithful and started unpacking her and moving my contents to the new bag. I felt guilty...kinda like that swifter sweeper commercial where the mop gets thrown in the closet and the mop meets the know that commercial. 

Starting to unpack old sad

So, first thing I took off was my luggage tag that has all my info just in case my bag gets lost. Then item by item I started moving my stuff. I had tons of room in my new stiff bag.

First pouch I have my mouse and toothbrush and pens...yeah I know my
toothbrush should have a cover. Nah....
Second pouch houses my iPads and my Surface Tablet and a comic book
Most important makeup bag, purse, and brush
My MAC and Cord pouch
Side pouch, motrin, tylenol, and work badge Left side and
right side my lip balm

Newbie back pack weighs in at 21.2 pounds....without some extra stuff that I usually add like food and stuff. I adjusted the straps, but she still feels "not quite right" like old faithful. I can't part with old faithful. I put her in the closet....maybe she will find good company with the shoes and other things I have abandoned.


So.... time to put my PJs on, surf a few forums, then go to bed.

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