Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Twenty-six Things You May Not Know About Me.....

Training and Nutrition Things
  • I can eat as much food as a man. There is nothing girlie about me when I am around food. 
  • I don't like to train, but I love the way I feel after I train
  • I typically stay "on plan" with my diet 5 days a week and open the weekends up to indulge and what I consider on plan may surprise you. On plan means...
    • I eat clean food such as lean meats and veggies throughout the day keeping my calories below 1600 OR
    • I eat whatever I feel like one time a day and then won't eat anything else thus keeping my calories below 1600...like today I ate 2 pieces of pizza, fries, a brownie, and a diet pop and in my mind....I am on plan...lol
    • If I eat "clean" all day and decide I want to include fruit...I can only eat berries and I eat an entire quart of strawberries and a pint of blueberries (in one sitting...lol)
  • When I train, I train hard and that is what helps me continue to lose my weight despite my less than stellar "on plan" diet
  • I never ever directly train my abs...I hate ab work so I don't do it and if I eat a "real" clean diet consistently I can get a six pack without doing ab work....just nutrition and training with free weights mostly...which require the core to be engaged most of the time
  • At one point, I was certified as a personal trainer through the ISSA and never trained anyone..lol (too busy)
  • I drink way too much coffee
  • I chew alot of gum because I am a nervous nilly.....something is constantly in motion even when I sit down and try to relax
  • I can climb 10 flights of stairs now and breath normally...lol.  I have been doing alot of stairs at work and now I am conditioned to do stairs.
  • My training routine usually takes me less than 35 minutes....and I like that 
  • I have an online personal trainer whom I connect with weekly to discuss my goals and my mental needs...lol. He is my psychiatrist more than my trainer. Poor guy.
Non Training Things
  • I have enough face rags to wash my face twice a day for 3 months...I have a face rag obsession..lol
  • I HATE it when guys grunt when lifting weights!! Can I be honest about what I think when I have to listen to a grunter? This is what I do and what I think, we are all adults here....
    • I look at the grunter...
    • Then I roll my eyes 
    • Then I picture him as the annoying guy in the hotel room next to mine making all that noise that I don't want to hear
    • Then I picture him expending all that energy satisfying himself at the expense of his mate and other people
    • Then I think..."I bet he is a 2 pump chump" yup... 2 PUMP CHUMP!!!! Me and a few girls in the boys gym smile at each other as he grunts away...because I have shared the 2 pump chump story with all the girls and we amuse ourselves as he grunts away
    • And thus our workout is kinda disrupted. Grrrrr.....
  • I have a phobia of worms, maggots, anything small that slithers....I become paralyzed with it and sometimes I hyperventilate in parking lots or outside areas after it rains and the worms come out. It is even worse with maggots....Just shoot me!!!
  • If I like an article of clothing, I will buy it in every color that it comes in...sometimes twice
  • I am mildly obsessed with makeup
  • I love clothes, but can care less about shoes... I own probably 40 pairs of dress pants and a 100 tops, sweaters, and blazer...but I only have 4 pair of shoes...lol
  • I am crazy about computers, iPads, anything techie...and I have it.
  • I am the oldest of 3 siblings
  • I look forward to my 50th....I will be 50 Jan 2015
  • I sleep in flannel sheets and flannel pajamas all year round
  • I want to deck a person that burps out loud, farts, or blow his/her nose at the table
  • Sweaty guys in the gym that don't wipe off their equipment DISGUST ME
  • I am screamish about blood...even tho I have worked as an RN for 25 years around blood. I triple glove and go to extreme measures not to get one drop on me...lol
  • I have an uncanny sense of smell that really bothers me at times
  • My favorite candy is circus peanuts 
  • I live to spoil my grandkids...I have 4 grands and 4 adult kids (youngest 17)

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