Wednesday, August 7, 2013


My alarm did not go off Tuesday morning. Something in my head woke me up (thank God) because it was 6:30 am and technically I should be on the road by 7 am or so. I swore under my breath and jumped out of bed right into the shower. I wanted to take my progress pictures that morning...but I overslept. I took a 5 minute shower and then hurried and brushed my teeth and heated up the flat iron as I started putting my makeup on. I was feeling crappy about rushing around as this was not my usual routine. 

Usually I would wake up, pee, make me some coffee, get my mini iPad setup in the bathroom to check out the new makeup videos posted by some people that I subscribe to on YouTube. Then I would play a video as I wash my face...which is a ritual unto itself. I sip at my coffee and then hop in the shower.
After the shower, I put my makeup on then decide what I will wear to work. My routine takes 75 minutes. 

In the middle of brushing my teeth, I stopped the the adrenaline rush. I decided to CHILL OUT! I decided that I would relax, make my coffee, put my makeup on and take my progress pictures prior to going to work. Usually I am at work around 8am. I ended up getting to work around 9:15 no biggie. I will just stay later to get all my work done.

So I put my makeup on and quickly took a lot of progress pics. I figured the progress pictures would look know, show some progress. I did not have time to download them to my pc so I threw the camera and my laptop in my book bag to download them on my lunch break at work. So...that is what I did. When I took my break, I looked at the pictures. Instead of seeing the Annette I thought I would see, I saw this other Annette in the pictures. Out of the 50 plus pics I took, none of them looked great, but that did not bother me too much because I ASSUMED these pics would look BETTER than my progress pics 4 weeks ago. I was down a couple pounds on the scale, and I THOUGHT I could see more muscle definition here and there. I fit my clothes better...and so surely my pictures will look better....right? 

I was PISSED OFF when I pulled my last previous pictures 4 weeks ago and compared them to the pictures I took yesterday. I ACTUALLY LOOKED WORSE!! That has not happened to me before and of course I went in an immediate depressed state. WTF!!!!! I initially sent 15 pics to my coach...without the comparison pics from 4 weeks ago because I just wanted to get the pics sent out as I planned and stated I would. I told him that he would receive another set of pictures with the side-by-side comparisons later when I could get it done (I was having problems with an application that I use to do my side-by-side pics). I BEGRUDGINGLY sent the side-by-side pics to him as I wallowed in I was being dramatic.....very dramatic. But, I expect more of myself. I promised myself that I would continually improve...albeit slow improvements. improvements this go around. Actually, I looked worse. Down 4 pounds and I look worse!!!! WTF!!!!!!! 

With all the dramatization, people who read my blog would want to see the pics. And I should post them. But I am not. I will take pictures next Saturday morning and post those. ***sigh***

Below is the picture I took after my bikini progress pictures and my work photo looks fine.  But underneath those clothes is a different story that I will keep between me an my coach. 

I have not trained at all yet this week. I could not train on Monday due to working later than usual and other commitments, yesterday I was depressed and having a pity party instead of sucking it up and working out like I should. (But to be honest, I was really tired and was in bed before 8pm yesterday). Today, I was at the hospital with a family member late and was late getting home, so I went with my husband for a walk with the dog for 45 minutes. So....I need to get to the gym. Maybe I will get up at 5 am tomorrow and do lower body Day 1 session....and then after work do upper body Day 2 training. Not optimal...but at least I have a plan. We will see what happens tomorrow. 

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