Sunday, August 11, 2013

No Looking Back Baby....

So folks....just an update on my training and nutrition status that I will have to report to my coach tomorrow. So what have I done the past 7 days in regards to training and nutrition? I have done nothing....yup, nothing, nada, zero....

I can sit here and make all kinds of excuses, some legitimate and others not so legitimate but the truth of the matter is this. I DID NOT FEEL LIKE GOING TO THE GYM! Yes, call me inconsistent, lazy, non-productive and nonmotivated....hehehe.

I will get it together this week since I did state that I will take progress pictures on Saturday. I don't want my progress pictures looking too bad. I am down to 146 pounds now on a good day. This morning I was 147.4. That did not surprise me since I have been making up the calories I did not take in while I was

So, I am counting on my coach to read this blog so that we don't have to talk about last week. In church this morning, the guest preacher preached about not living in REGRETS. So as she preached away, I smiled and agreed with her....yeah preach sister!! No regrets about not working out last week...yeah reach sister!! No regrets about eating like a hog....yeah preach sister! No regrets for not blogging and logging my calories..... yeah preach sister!

She preached...."You cannot move forward if you are constantly looking behind you"....yeah preach sister. So, with that said, I have erased all the things I did not do for my fitness journey goals last week out of my head. And by the way, after church I rushed home and had some BREADED chicken, some DREADED italian bread, 4 pieces of licorice and a Mikes hard lemonade. I am erasing that from my memory too.

I will get back on the band wagon tomorrow lol....Promise. I will probably work my butt off so that my progress pics at least appear like I am on the right track lol.

Now, Do I look like I have regrets? LOL
So, this weeks goal is simple...get back on track and take progress pictures on Saturday and don't look back...just move forward baby!

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