Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All work and no play.....

8:30pm and I am just getting home from work. At one of my hospitals, the psych departments went live on the nursing documentation in the electronic health record today. This is not a super big go-live like I had a few months back, but it is big enough to drain the heck out of me. 

Up at 0400 in the morning. With only 4 hours of sleep last night I looked like crap....bags under my eyes large enough to carry groceries in them. Agh!!  I was also quite sore all over from my lower body workout on Monday and upper body workout on Tuesday. Thank God for coffee. I just love that stuff. I stumble down the stairs to the Kuerig and patiently wait as the ready light flashed. Coffee always make me feel better. So I got my coffee and headed back to bed to drink my coffee and check on some work email. Then I had to go through the tedious task of masking my bags and dark circles with makeup. My makeup routine normally takes 20-30 minutes from washing my face (which is a ritual with several different products) to putting on my face. It takes me the longest to do my eyes. But when I have to cover up things like bags and dark circles...just add 10 more minutes to my routine. So it took me 45 minutes just to look half way decent this morning.... Then the hair....sigh. It sucks to be a woman. It took me 65 minutes to get my hair and face done, then out the door.

I arrived at work and often times I am greeted by my favorite house keeper. He is a guy whose uniform is immaculately pressed with creases and everything. He always  greets me with a smile and a big hug and says, "annette, I like you." Then I walk past the customer service desk and I look for my favorite older German lady with a heavy accent. I love it when she is there because she is just so nice and always has a big smile. She was not there this morning. But then my other favorite housekeeper who warms my heart, frequently greets me on the 2nd and I always ask are you today? And he always says with a big smile I am blessed my sister. I LOVE THAT!

Then, to the office and off to work I go being a cheer leader for the Golive, a trouble shooter, a teacher, and a resource for everyone involved. I worked my butt off last week making sure that all the pcs had all the applications loaded, all the staff had security rights to enter the applications, and all the monotonous IT stuff we have to do to make sure that everything works when we flip the switch. My goal was to have NO technical problems and no issues with staff unable to get to the applications to chart. Well heck, I did not meet my goal. We had 1 person that was not set-up to enter the system at all and a group of people that could not chart in the admission database....a pretty important charting element. CRAP! We fixed it on the fly, but my high hopes of being perfect we're

Long day at work...but a good first day for Golive.

No training....I am going to bed now. 

Is this baby girl not the cutest thing you have ever seen? I don't know who she is....but she is crazy adorable. Found her photo on Pinterest. 

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