Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Truth Behind the Avatar/Profile Pic.....

I visited a social website today that I had not been on for several months. I had several messages that had been left in my comment box and private mail box. I shuffled through all the comments and I added several people that requested "friend" requests. I left my usual polite messages to each person thanking them for the friend request but one of the people that I friended a while back had questions about my weight loss journey. She was really impressed with my transformation and my profile picture....which I don't look like anymore. (I need to change that picture to a current one).

Well we private messaged back and forth and I shared some pointers with her and also told her that I don't look lean like my profile picture all the time. I explained that I am a yo-yo dieter like many women but I have tried to keep my fluctuations of poundage plus or minus 10 optimally I would not weigh more than 145 pounds...but today I weigh 148 pounds and that is 10 pounds less than I weighed 6 weeks ago. I shared some recent pictures of myself with her and she proceeded to share her story.

This woman is in her 40's and about 30-40 pounds overweight, fairly attractive, and has a body that has amazing potential with some hard work and commitment to a training and nutrition plan. Her profile picture is very ordinary with no makeup, but nevertheless, she was still fairly attractive. With makeup, she would probably be a bombshell. She saw herself as unattractive and hopeless....she had lost18 pounds and was at a stall. I encouraged her to keep training and I gave her a few nutrition tips and I told her she will get past the stall and in time will have an amazing body. She stated that it was easy for me to say because I am not where she is and that I am pretty even with what I perceived as extra weight.

Now, the truth be told, I am quite average and so is 95% of the woman my age. After age 40 things just go south. My "pretty" pictures are the result of makeup. I always laugh when people comment on my looks. IT IS FAKE PEOPLE!!! All those beautiful women on tv and in the magazines... IT IS FAKE PEOPLE. Especially women over the age of 40. There are exceptions...but I am just sayin.

So for my beautiful friend, beauty is what truly is on the inside. Outside beauty can be bought. I am living is my friend and I usually don't leave home without it.

And for all the beautiful profile pictures on these social networks.....most of them are FAKE. Anybody can post a pretty picture with the right makeup, right lighting, and right angle. Also, the more pictures you take, the greater chance you will find one in the bunch that you can post.

Some people post old pictures that don't even reflect their current appearance. I see this often. It is so easy to be who you are not over the Internet. Heck, I do it at times. I need to change my picture and stats which currently state that I am 138 pounds and 18% body fat. I wish I was 138 I am 148 pounds and probably 28% body fat. And I get all these comments about how good I look....yeah right! I believe that the picture on the left, I was around 130 pounds. Today I am 18 pounds heavier!! And the picture on the right is my current profile I AM A FAKE!!! Hehehe.......

I hope I got through to my new friend.

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