Friday, May 10, 2013

Crazy Busy and trying to keep it simple

Maintaining my weight between 148 pounds and 150 pounds has been my goal this past couple weeks as I am crazy busy with my work schedule. For people in the IT world we know that when ever we have new applications to push and educate on or updates to install our world can be just plain crazy.

In the world of hospital informatics, bringing clinicians, ancillary services, nurses and physicians online can be a major challenge....especially when the learning curve is great and our patient flow is great as well. Patients don't stop coming in as we learn how to use the technology but we have to introduce the technology in a way where we can support the end users to manage the learning curve at the same time as safely taking care of patients. That requires a lot of support and planning.

In addition, going from paper documentation to electronic documentation and management of data requires a HUGE amount of process changes that amount to many hours of mind numbing meetings to put things in place for a successful launch.

Well that has been my world the past 6 months living away from home Mon-Fri since November. April 30th we launched the major physician order entry application with the nurses doing the order entry and this past Tuesday we brought the docs online! Major Launch!! Whew!! Four more weeks of supporting this launch and then we will go into stabilization and optimization phase....which will allow me to get my life back and live at home. The launch has been very successful and I am pleased. All the hours of hard work is paying off.

So nutrition and training has been important, but not my priority. I have lost 10 pounds, however, I am not training nearly as often as I need to train and my eating has been slightly compromised but I am managing to maintain my loss. Starting mid June, I won't have any excuses and I can train and eat right.

No work and no play is not an I have managed to get some grandma time in. 


And of course, I did some shopping....mainly makeup....I LOVE MY MAKEUP.

Of course I bought other stuff but I better stop confessing about my shopping sprees just in case my husband decides to read this blog....which he rarely does thank goodness :)

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