Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Training and diet has been going slow but steady. I have managed to lose 10 pounds despite a hectic work schedule and working out only 1 day a week. I have had several people ask me to post my progress picture. So here it is. Wk 1, Wk 3, Wk 4, Wk 5. I have not been super crisp on my diet and as I said my training has suffered a bit due to job and family obligations....but despite it all I have tried to stay somewhat on the right track with my nutrition.

I report my progress and send pictures to my coach weekly, which helps keep me from falling off the wagon with my eating during my hectic work schedule. My goal for the next 3-4 weeks is to simply maintain the weight that I lost. This will get me through the month of May and hopefully starting in March, my life will be back to normal and I can start training again at home.

Pictures of my Grandkids and my daughter

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