Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My First YouTube Video....of myself :)

Today I was inspired to take the plunge to do my very first youtube video. I have been wanting to do a YouTube video for quite sometime, but never felt confident enough to do a video. I was waiting for the right camera, right lighting, right place, right time, right weight, right hair, and all the stars aligned in the right way...lol. So, I suppose if I waited for all the right things to be in place, then I would NEVER do the YouTube thing.

Click on the link below for my first YouTube video

My YouTube Video Debut :)

 I was inspired by this young man on one of my fav body building forums.... Bodybuildingrevealed. His name is Derreck....I am probably spelling his name wrong, but anyway, he put up a video introducing himself. I really enjoyed the video because this was the first time I actually got a glimpse of the young man that I sorta was familiar with in the forum. I have read alot of his posts and after a while, you kinda feel like you know the people (in regards to training). I have grown to like Derricks forum posts over the year so it was nice to see him in the video.

So I copied Derrick....hehehe....not really, he inspired me to do the same. There is nothing special about my video. I recorded it on my iPad mini in my bathroom after work. No editing, just plain simple me. But, I hope that in my upcoming videos, I can inspire someone to make a positive change to their life in some way.

Training and Diet
I ate anything I wanted Saturday/Sunday/Monday. I don't feel bad about it either....but I better be good this week lol if I want to ever reach my goal of 135 pounds of lean body mass :)

Training last week....THUMBS UP!!!

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