Monday, May 20, 2013

A Sense of Purpose

I love it when my mind and my will get on the same page. That is when I really start to see results in whatever I set my mind to do. So now, I am focused once again to getting my shape back. Praise God that I have been disciplined enough to not let myself totally regress in the arena of diet and nutrition, but I do have a need to move forward in my fitness goals. Work has been my priority, deservingly so since I have a new was a year in April. 

Funny thing about the job....a co-worker approached me in a humble manner apologizing to me about some misinformation that she heard and believed about me when I first started the job. She heard that I was forced out of my management position at my previous job and so I took my current job...which is  not a management job. She said that she had me pegged as a problem child bringing her problems to the team. Well, I was surprised and not surprised by the "story". What surprised me was that a person on my team would even lie about something so lame, (not the person who shared the info) but what wasn't surprising was the fact that I left a management position to pursue a different career path. Why would someone do something like that? Most people would ponder that question.


Well, for people who know me, I am a risk taker and I am confident in my abilities to start anew and be successful. I have been successful in my previous job...and of course I left on GREAT terms and on my own accord, and I am currently successful at my new job in IT. I love my new job and I am glad that I made the move. The only thing I lost in the move was the burden of having to be on-call 24/7 and I miss the people at my prior job. But I have gained the following in the move to a new position:  I have met an amazing group of new people to add to my friend list, I have gained another amazing skill in clinical informatics, I have successfully lead 3 huge IT projects in a matter of one year and I have learned a lot about me. Some people would see all that spouting off as bragging.....and by no means am I bragging. I am just stating the facts. Sometimes we need to move out of our comfort zone to realize our full potential. And if a person is successful at one job, the chances that a person will be successful at another job to his/her choosing is highly likely.


But I digress.....back to training. I have the summer to get my body back to a state of leanness that I am proud of. I am so excited about this NEW transformation. This time, I am not transforming for a contest or for photographs or anything special. I am transforming for ME!! In the mean time, I have acquired all kinds of knowledge, tools, and great people to help me along the way. Although my first priority the past year has been work, I have been blessed to have the knowledge and the right people in my life to make this transformation WAY easier than previous transformations. But the true KEY to this transformation is my frame of mind. The transformation has already occurred in my mind. It is done. All I have to do is ACT on the things that I know must be done. The vision is there... The action will follow. 

I have never been so in the zone with my mental focus. I have visualized my goals, I have written them down, I have rehearsed them, and now I am acting on those goals by preparing my training routine, preparing my meals, and surrounding myself with like minded positive people and declaring my intent publically. And...I will blog more, because that helps me stay focused, I will pray more...that gives me strength, and I will find a person to help out along the way...that gives me reason to keep on keeping on.  Oh yeah....I will reward myself abundantly with all kinds of goodies as I see improvements. 

I will post my training routine with my next blog. 

On point. A lot of protein and veggies, and perhaps a glass of wine as a reward :)

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