Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rum and Coke Night

My partner in crime at my North Region Hospitals that we support is Cindy girl. I am so lucky to have Cindy because she keeps things sailing smoothly in the North Region while I am at Flower...the biggest of the 3 hospitals that we support. I am usually at my North Hospitals 1-2 times a week....most of the time only once a week. So the load falls on Cindy to keep things running smoothly with the electronic clinical documentation. 

Out of all my fab crew, Cindy is the most "straight laced" of us all. She is as prim and proper as she looks and she is just a gem to work with. But I can corrupt even the straight laced nurses with my craziness....hahaha. 



None today


Chicken salad sandwich
Cake- one piece
Sesame seed snacks
Pumpkin fudge...a kinda big piece
Chicken drumstick...1 leg broiled

And a much needed RUM AND COKE!!!!

I decided to have a stiff drink when I got home following an anxiety provoking work related meeting. AGH!!!!

I wore a blue smokey eye shadow look to work today...not the same old neutral dud look. was pretty...using shadows from my new vice2 palette. The look was more a night time out on the town look....but I brought the look to work. Bold eyes, boring hair, no lipstick. That is soooo me.

I came home looking for a package that I hoped my hubby would not find before I got home. I parked the car, ran to the side porch and then to the front porch. Sigh of relief, the package had not arrived. Then I walked up the back porch...and was greeted by my husband with "are you looking for this?" He had the package in his hands.  I mumbled, ummm.....yeah. That is the last package that I should be getting. He looked at me in disgust and he said...yeah you said that 5 packages ago.

I humbly took the package walked in the house, took the package to the bedroom and ripped it open. 

By the time hubby came in, all the contents of the package were out of the box and put away and I made it a point to smile and strike up a conversation unrelated to my packages.

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