Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Recognition Matters.....

"There are two things people want more than sex and money--recognition and praise." Mary Kay

I remember sitting in my bosses office spouting off from my mouth that I did not need praise. What a bunch of bull shit...right? I will admit it....I am a recognition junkie! I like recognition and you like recognition too. 

If I could re do one thing in my career as a boss, I would recognize my people more. I think God moved me into the thankless world of IT to learn the importance of recognizing people. This position has made me a better leader, and a true leader is a person that recognizes the efforts of others on his/her team. I was not good at that a few years back. I held my staff at a very high level and did not recognize their amazing work often enough. I used to think it was enough to praise them in their yearly evaluations....that's good enough. I was wrong.

Well, today at work my team, along with the project manager at one of the hospitals I support received a service excellence award. We each received a certificate....that we will frame a place proudly in our office...and a sincere thank you from the Leadership team at Flower Hospital. 

That made my day!!!!!

You know me, after the presentation I pulled the team together to take our OWN special picture. (They took a formal picture at the meeting).

From left to right... Chris (Project Manager for the hospital), Jenn and partners in crime, Tammie, my super supervisor, and then me.

Work should be fun and for the most part my job is fun. We work hard and we play when we can. 

As you can see...I had a good day at work!!!

I have upper body training tonite. I have not gone to the gym, but I will let you know tomorrow what I trained.

So, my diet consisted of a high fat sandwich that I bought at the coffee shop....
Cal 490
Fat 20 g
Carbs  56g
Pro 23g

Not the cleanest sandwich...haha (had pepperoni and 2 thick slices of mozzarella cheese) then I had 1 large sugar cookie...about 200 calories and lots of carbs and fat

I will eat a ton of veggies for dinner and some chicken breast and probably an apple or 2 tonite.

So, not the cleanest diet...but oh well, I am happy!!!!!

I am loving an eyeshadow palette I bought from Urban Decay called the Vice 2 Palette. (I have the Vice 1 palette edition 2012). This palette rocks. I can use this palette as a stand alone...which is rare for many palettes. I have used this palette exclusively for the last 5 days...I am in love.

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