Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dare to be different....

'Tell me I can't do something, I will do it. Tell me I can't have something, I will have it, some way, some how. Yesterday I went to one of my favorite stores and fell in love with some flared plaid patterned pants. I just had to have them. I was kinda hoping that the store would NOT have my size so that I could walk away without looking back....BUT they had my size. Well maybe they won't fit, right? So I snatched them up and headed to the dressing room and rushed out of my pants, threw them in the corner and then donned the amazing plaids. And then I heard the heavenly angels singing aaaahhhh in unison in my head. They fit GREAT! Off to the cash register, cha....ching for the store and I strolled out of the store happy as a clam. 

Hmmmm.......how do I get past my hubby. I committed to a NO BUY. I will not break my word again.....Promise.

So I took the bag in the house, dropped it in the foyer until the coast was clear and then I got the pants and hung them up with the many other pants hanging in my closet getting no love. 

So, these pants are a tad bit....just a tad bit over the top for my conservative work environment...so...what should I do??? WEAR the pants. And since I am being a bit bold, why not take it to the next level and wear polka dots with the plaid pants. I LOVE IT!! 

Disclaimer....I am not trying to show a picture of my tush, I am trying to show the coolness of the polka dots and plaid....haha.

So, this is what I wore to work. I LOVE THE PANTS.....as well as my polka dot cami. Haha

Then at exactly 3:36pm today this beauty popped into my inbox at a 65% discounted price...

OMG....LOVE IT and I just could not help but to push that place in shopping cart button. Then something forced me to click the checkout button and then it was done....in one click. 

I will take a pic of me wearing it when I receive it in the mail. I love the FedEx and UPS trucks.
Now...promise, I am on the No Buy Track for 4 weeks. Starting now....for real. 

I need an intervention....


Lower Body Day

I did 3 sets of the following 

Leg presses 
Stiff Legged Dead Lifts
Standing Calf Raises
Step ups on High Bench
Around the world ab exercise

I was in and out in 40 minutes

What did I eat today....

Chicken Breast Caesar Wrap 
1 large Ghost SugAr Cookie
1 Apple
2 eggs with peppers and onions from our garden...hubby made it for me

That's all for the food

I need to lose 8-10 pounds of this. I am holding a pound of fat in my hands. This is a model of fat that I keep on my desk at work....quite the conversation piece. This model is special to me. First, it helps me keep things in perspective when I want to get down on myself for not losing a pound of fat a week. A true pound of FAT is ALOT and so is half a pound. Second, when I want to stuff my face with 3 big sugar cookies, I look at my fat model.

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