Thursday, October 17, 2013

Where have I been?

Oh, it has been a long time since I have blogged....about 2 months!!! Well, know this, I have been crazy busy the past few months at work and at home. So let me update you all on my adventures!

Home Life

First thing, I moved from one house to another! UGH!!! For those of us that have moved, you know how crazy it is to move. I still have boxes and stuff everywhere, doing bits and pieces here and there. It has been crazy!! 

All is well with the husband, kids, and grandkids. My mom, sister and brother and their families are doing well too. 


Just went live with a huge upgrade at work. I have worked hard with my team of great folks to ensure as smooth of un upgrade to our electronic health record system as possible. People who work in IT can surely appreciate what it means to undergo a huge upgrade that ultimately changes the end users world a bit. The upgrade went well....of course we had some hiccups and continue to do so, but for the most part the hospitals that I lead (along with the other system hospitals) the upgrade went pretty great...really. We had to take the doctors, nurses, and ancillary clinicians off line for about 12 hours....that is it. We were prepared to be down between 16-24 hours. 

Long hours, endless phone calls and end user support filled my waking I was away from home from Sunday through Wednesday...about 4 days from October 6-10. Then I got to go home on Thursday and then I watched the grandkids at my daughters house Friday night.

In the midst of the craziness, I was contacted by the manager of Bare Minerals Informercials (a cosmetic and skin care line) to submit before and after photos for consideration to be used for their 2013 Informercial. How cool is that? I love Bare Minerals and I have hundreds of dollars worth of their products that I use daily and to be considered for an Informercial is really neat...and an honor. I will let you all know if I get selected or not. 

What is awesome about Bare Minerals is that they use normal every day people like myself in their ads and infomercials. I LOVE that. 

So I had to quickly do a before and after picture using all their products. 

So let me share the Good, Bad, and bare faced and then me all glammed up with their products...


Well, although the Bare Minerals made a world of difference the night I put it on, I was not really happy with the end results...I did the photos last Thursday around 9pm after a long day of work and several days working second shift. I submitted the above photos Thursday night just in case I did not have time to do a better photo on Saturday (that depended on how busy I would be with the grands). 

Well I had a strategy. I kept my cutie pie 2 year old and 1 year old grand children up Friday night til They both were out like a light come Saturday morning. That gave me time to do my makeup right, and plus my eye bags were MUCH better after 7 hours of sleep. So I took my time doing my makeup and hair....and took several pictures that I was happy with and I re-submitted my after photos for the Bare Minerals Team to consider.

I was much happier with this photo.

So....we will see what happens. Wish me luck!!!!!


You know me, when life gets busy...what suffers? My my gym days were hap hazard the past few months, but I kept my eating at bay and I maintained my weight and started back to training a few weeks ago. So it is all good. I will post some pictures next month prior to Thanksgiving. Maybe sooner. 

Today, I took some pictures with my girls at work...we call ourselves the Flower They are part of my Hospital Support Informatics Team at Flower Hospital. I have to take a picture of my girl Cindy at my North Hospitals. You will see that next week.

Let me share some pictures of the grands!!!!!

Ha...check out one of the supplement shirts I got at the Olympia Bodybuilding thingy. I love this shirt.
Sporting it in my half done top cabinets, the old cabinets are white at the bottom. My kitchen is tore up....just the sub flooring. A huge work in progress.....for my hubby. He does a little each weekend. 

Well, that is all for now. I am back for about a month and then I am busy again with yet another Golive at one of my Michigan Hospitals in December.....during the holidays of course.......


  1. Hello. Sorry to be a creeper, but I found your post on the Lyle McDonald forum about your RFL Cat 1 stint ages ago and was wondering if you could answer a couple questions.

    Which one would you recommend? RFL or UD? I'm 33 at maybe 24-26% body fat and sedentary. I'm not obese, and within normal BMI (if one believes that). I'm still relatively fit. I AM prone to binging and love non-clean food.

    Would RFL be better than UD?


  2. I would recommend the RFL diet over the UD2. To do UD2 should be lower than 20% body fat. Aside from that, UD2 requires a lot of glycogen depletion training that may be difficult for a sedentary person. RFL works.