Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We are blessed

There are some days that I just get plain emotional. This morning the alarm went off at 5am. I had plan to be at the gym around 5:15am. I did not get out of bed until 6 but I did make it to the gym to train. The training went well and I was done by 7. As I walked out of the gym I felt the cool breeze on my skin and got just a bit of chill because of the sweat on my clothing. It was still a bit dark outside, but starting to lighten up. As I walked across the street to my car I noticed how quiet it was on Main Street. Many towns would be awake at this time, but Fostoria appeared to still be sleeping.

I like Fostoria. It is a little town that many people complain about. I raised all 4 of my kids in this little train town. It is a neat town. I keep a camera in my car just in case I see something cool or pretty. I like the old buildings on Main Street so I decided to take a couple of pictures.

These buildings bring back the nostalgia of many days gone by. They are cool to look at and have so much history. I don't understand how some people can't see that.

I relish little towns and I am grateful to have the opportunity to live in Fostoria.

I got home and looked around and became grateful and sad. I have so many things, gadgets, food, and silly stuff that I don't even need. I am blessed abundantly. I don't have super fancy things....I am not a fancy foo foo person at all, but I have lots of stuff. I am blessed. As I look around I say thank you God. I thought about something I was doing yesterday.Yesterday, I was getting a bit irritated at the thought of planning my trip to Hawaii. I am not sure where I want to go in Hawaii or what I want to do. We hope to go some time in March. This morning I thought to myself....how horrible of me to get irritated about the details of planning a trip to Hawaii. What in the world have I become? How spoiled and selfish of me. Dang, people are hungry and looking for there next meal and I have the audacity to get irritated about the details of planning a trip? I became sad and ashamed of myself. But, I did not stay ashamed. I just asked God for forgiveness and he forgave me and I prayed a prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving.

We forget who we are. We complain that we have to go to work when we should rejoice that we have a job that can help put food on our table. Even if you are without a job, if you are reading this blog on a computer, iPad, phone or whatever you are blessed.

How do we teach our spoiled kids that we are blessed. My children have never seen the likes of abject poverty. I can't really say that I have either. We hear the words that we are blessed but do we really know it deep inside?

We are doing the United Way campaign at work now. They got me on a good emotional day...lol

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