Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Mondays!!

My eyes pop open automatically a little before 5am as I look at my watch and think to myself "I beat the alarm again." Amazing how in tune my body is even when I am sleeping. I jump out of bed head to the bathroom to pee then stand on the scale. 138 pounds.....well not surprising since I did indulge a bit over the weekend. No harm done...time to shower. It's a bit chilly, so I welcome the kinda hot water as I shower. is dang cold as I hurry putting on my underclothes and then my scrubs. My makeup is where it always is....gotta put the foundation on and a little eye makeup to help me look decent right? Forget the hair, throw it in a ponytail and I am out.

0615 and I wiz into work earlier than usual because I have some stuff to knock out before 0730. I hate doing things at the last minute, but I am trying really hard to balance work and my home life. I refuse to take work home if at all possible...which is new to me. I SNEAK into my office and shut the door so that I can knockout this project really fast. Yeah baby....done in 20 minutes. Now I can open my door and say hello to my staff. I ask one of my new nurses to come into my office to chat a bit after he gives report. We chat about his orientation and all that good stuff and off he goes.

More coffee before I dig into the tedious job of reconciling time cards. I really hate time card Mondays, but it must be done. It takes me a good hour and 20 minutes to knock out the timecards then comes the email and all the other stuff involved in a normal workday for me.

0930 I head home to make me some oat bran and to chill a bit. As I eat I get on my computer to log in at work and continue working as I eat and drink some more coffee. For some reason I can't remote into my work computer.....dang it. 0915 headed back to the office and I am there in 3 minutes. On the way to the office I see my IT friend and tell him that I cannot remote into my computer from home or on my iPad. We head to his office and he does his computer thing and before I know it, I can remote into my computer with my iPad. Love ya Shawn!!!! I am on my work computer all day even away from my desk. That's why I love this iPad so much. I can work away from my desk. The iPad is big enough that I can type comfortably and get alot done.

1330 I head to the cafeteria and order a sweet potato and 3 servings of veggies. I have a great conversation with a friend of mine about my new diet and training and then it is back to work. I pack things up and am headed home around 1530. Facebook time as I prepare my 3rd meal consisting of some brown rice and I cook up some lean ground sirloin to throw into the rice. Scott Abel's new book is out ....Food Issues and You: Finally Facing “The Phantom Menace”. I will buy this book as soon as I finish the book I am currently reading from him titled "The Other Side Of The Mirror". I really like that book and am learning alot, so I am looking forward to his new book.

Scott really makes me think about the the why's behind my desire to get fit, compete and all that jazz. At this point, I am not so sure that I will ever make it to the stage....not because I don't think I can, but because the more I study his stuff the less desire I have to hit the stage. I am learning alot about me and my mindset and if I am honest with myself I have used the competition deal as a means to get lean or maintain my leanness. This is not a reason to compete. I am starting to figure that out.

I have some deep seeded emotional events that I carry from my childhood that sometimes interfere with my thoughts and when I start to do extreme things such as extreme diets and such, what I am realizing...thanks to that I am compensating for some issues that I have not adequately dealt with from my past. I have a tendency to be an extremist. I will blog about this another time....maybe tomorrow.

What I really want at this point is to get leaner and maintain a lean physique. I don't really need to be ripped right now but I am not counting that out. As a challenge I like to get to a ripped state at some point for some sweet photos. Maybe I will see the stage as a possibility...for a challenge, not a means to to get lean. Who knows.....we will see.

Ah today is leg day....a killer workout. I am looking forward to it. My R glute is fine and I will pay special attention to warm up adequately for this training. I can't wait to see if this workout is easier than it was for me last week. This will be the third time doing this workout. I hope my digestive enzyme pill kicks in a little better. I am still feeling my last meal and that is not good going into a killer leg and glute workout.

2230 and I have finished my training. It IS getting better each week. I am alot more coordinated with the moves and I can go at a faster pace. I look crazy in the gym doing the plyometric like moves. People are starting to ask me where did I get that routine. I worked my butt off literally. I am going to feel it tomorrow.

I am exhausted.

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