Monday, October 10, 2011

The dreaded state patrol!!!!!

I was cruising in my vehicle appreciating the beauty of the morning, feeling good, sipping on my coffee, listening to my iPad reading some Scott Able blog posts to me. All was well as I cruised right by a State Patrol Car who was driving the opposite way. Of course the radar gun on the patrol car was poised proudly on the hood as it was clocking my speed. I looked down at my speedometer and lo and behold I was going 65 in a 55mph area. I prayed that the officer would continue on his merry way in the opposite direction, but you know what happened. He turned right around and as I slowed my speed down to the correct mph, he sped up
and quickly approached my bumper and the the pretty lights went round and round.

I smiled to myself stating, well Annette you certainly deserve this ticket. I slowed down, turned down a country side road so that we would not slow the traffic down on the busy road and I stopped, reached in my purse and got my license out, reached into the glove compartment and got my registration and insurance card out before the state patrolman approached my window. I was surprised to see the state patrolman to be a woman. I thought to myself, dang it is all bad now. She won't cut me any breaks. She approached my window and promptly stated that I was going 65 in a 55 area. I shook my head yes in agreement and handed her all my stuff. She then asked me if I had any moving violations within the past year. I told her no. She smiled and asked me where I was headed. I told her that I was headed to Toledo to see my mom. She smiled again and said she will be right back. She took all my stuff and sat in her know the drill if you have ever been pulled over. I took a deep breath, accepted my fate and turned my iPad back on as Scott Able discussed some positive spiritually profound information. I told myself I will not get angry over this...I deserved it. The patrol woman returned to my car with a smile and gave me back my stuff and told me to travel 55 mph and have a nice day. I was stunned. As she walked away I shouted to her God Bless you and I PROMISE TO GO THE SPEED LIMIT....and I have indeed decreased my speeding to no more than 5mph over the speed limit and will try my best to keep my word to the statey. I felt bad for judging her response to me. I was wrong. She gave me a undeserved break of which I am appreciative for.

Fast forward to this morning. I was up bright and early at 0445 and was at the gym promptly at 0500. I had the entire gym to myself and I liked that. Who in their right mind would be at the gym at this time, right? At 0510 a nice guy named Richard came in. So it was me and Richard. I was done with my training at 0555. I was pretty happy finishing my leg workout in 55 minutes. This is the same workout that took me 90 minutes 4 weeks ago. I am stronger and can endure the dungeon now!! I am even doing more reps. Yeah baby.

So day 1 done as far as training goes. Wow, I have the evening to devote to family. I have been on point with the diet as well. I spent half the day at a training in Toledo. Of course there were all types of bagels and donuts, fruits and fruit juices and pop to choose from. The only thing I consumed was coffee, a piece of honeydew, a piece of pineapple 2 cheese chunks and a strawberry. I drove an hour back to work and spent the rest of my time tied up in my office. I headed home at 1530 and ate some brown rice mixed with lean ground beef. I also had some mushrooms. Then I helped my daughter with some questions about diabetes....she is studying the illness in her college nutrition class. I love teaching about diabetes....really I love teaching anything. We spent an hour or so on that and then I headed out the house to my freshman daughters volleyball game. And it is at this game that I type this plays of course. When I get home I will chow a bit of sweet potato and a salad and my eating will be done for the day.

My daughter and her friend cheesing as usual.

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