Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Super excited and humbled at the same time

I have been too busy to post any blogs lately and I am currently working on a special blog post about one of my friends that I hope to post by Friday. But I have some exciting news....I am officially one of Scott Abel's clients as of today. I am in for the long haul of coaching from one of the BEST COACHES AROUND! A guru of all guru's, an expert hands down, and a coach with all kinds of integrity. I was on track to start the full blown coaching/client relationship December 5th. I was able to start early. What a blessing indeed.

I had purchased a one time diet plan from him and have been doing his Ultimate Figure Workout. I am having great results from both his diet and workout.

I had my assessment done by him today. Humbling in some aspects, but I am excited to get started and to learn a ton! He has increased the intensity of my training quite a bit. This is going to be tough for me....but I asked for it in a round about way. I made the mistake of bragging that his Ultimate Figure workout is getting easier for me to do. MISTAKE!!!! Back to the dungeon I go!!!!!! I am dreading the workout tomorrow morning!!! God help me.

This is going to be interesting......

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