Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stop Hatin' Annette

I belong to 5 forums that I visit every day. I post my blog to the forums that I belong to in the journaling section. Yesterday I got a reply to my blog that went like this....

"So is this a blog or a training journal? I've been poppin in every once in a while and am just looking for training stuff."

I became a bit defensive and replied with this comment.....

"Thanks for popping in and out. My blog contains training at times, my thoughts at times, and pictures regularly. Currently I am doing MET training which is difficult to post...most people dont have a clue what the exercises are. I usually post progress pictures every 4-6 weeks. When and if I start training for a show or going to have photos done you will see more training stuff.....probably the stuff you are looking to read about. Until may certainly choose to skip over my "blog"

After a great night sleep, I thought about this guys question in a non-defensive way and saw some merit to his question....after I took the time to read the small print of what is expected which states... Keep a journal of your bodybuilding lifestyle and training journal here ie. Training, diet, recovery, etc.

So I needed to flush my ego down the toilet. So I did just that. Then I wondered, who is this dude? He had made a comment or two on my thread in that forum but I never took the time to read his stuff. But today, you betcha I took the time to check out this guy. This is what I found out.

He is a GFX designer and he lives in he is practically my neighbor. Well, I did not know what a GFX designer was so I googled it and found some stuff. He works in graphic design which is really cool. So what this tells me about this guy is he is artistic and very talented. His forum name is "thecityalive". Very cool name that sorta speaks to his artistic side. His real name is Rob. He joined the wannabebig forum in May of 2008. He has posted 840 times. What this tells me is, he knows the site and is an active participant. Great! I browsed through some of his posts and what I found out is this dude is engaged in the activity of this site. Awesome. He is into muscle building for sure. He benches 250 pounds, dead lifts 425 pounds...which is a personal record....way to go Rob....and he squats 275 pounds. Wow. To look at his profile picture he looks like a kid....about 18 years old.

Now, after I took some time to read a bit about thecitylive through his forum participation, I saw him in a different light. My impression of his comment was negative at first. I thought to myself, what does this kid know! He has no clue about me. Who does he think he is to tell me what to put in my blogs?!!

Lol, he did not tell me what to put in my blogs, he merely stated he likes to read about training. All the rest of the information I thought about him came from my warped defensive mind.

Today I saw his comment in an entirely different light....more positive. I don't know what his actual intent is but I have control of what I want to think about his comment. I could think negatively and be defensive or I can think positively...use the comment he dropped as information.

We make things up in our minds....don't we. I am not the only one who does this. We read somebodies post and we agree or disagree and sometimes get defensive or think bad thoughts about the person behind the comment and we don't even know the person.

Well, thanks to Rob I am going to restructure my blogs in a way that will not take away from my reflections or thoughts....I will still do that. But what I will do is add a section on my training for the day and a mention about my nutrition and how I am feeling.

Lol, the one thing I love about the wannabebig website is the fact it is full of testosterone laden say whatever you want guys. I love and admire the straight talk that guys seem to enjoy. Feelings aside, most men just tell it like it is. I wish that women were more like that...not worried about getting their feelings hurt. look at me, acting like a wha baby girly girl hurt because Rob wants to read about training!! I am laughing at myself right now. Poor Annette.....doesn't Rob like all the pictures of my grandchildren? Oh, what about my spiritual reflections?? Lol.....Annette get a grip will ya???

I had to peel myself out of bed to go train this morning. My alarm went off at 5 am and I did not make it to the gym until almost 7. I was thinking of every excuse in the world not to train today but I made myself go. I did day 3 of the dudgeon training workout. It is MET training. If you are wondering what that is....check out this link
YouTube Figure Workout
This training looks easy but it is a killer. It is also WAY different then my standard heavy lifting routine and definitely out of my comfort zone. There are 5 days worth of training. I do it at the gym looking like a damn fool lol. People ask me, are you doing that P90X program? Lol, nope. But anyway, you should see the spectacle I am with the stability balls and medicine balls and all the stuff in-between with the cables and bands. I used to laugh at the people that did this kind of stuff at the gym. Hahaha....who's laughing now? But, all I can say is this....let the results speak for themselves. I am seeing some new cuts after just 3 weeks and my shoulders are starting to pop out a of my weak body parts.

As far as the nutrition, I can't go into specifics because I paid for a specific nutrition plan from Scott Abel. I can say this....I get to eat lots of carbs and my protein is lower than what I am certainly used to and he took me off ALL MY SUPPLEMENTS!!!!!! I will post pictures at the end of this month of my results. With the carbs, I don't see my six pack as good as I did on low carb, but I can still see them, and if I decided to low carb it for 5 days, I am sure my abs will be better than before!! I see alot of improvements in shoulders and abs.

Scott Abel is one of the greatest coaches out if he tells me MET work, then I believe him!! And let me tell works :)

I miss the heavy strength training, I really do. I can't say that this MET training is my favorite thing to do, but it works and I am starting to see results. I am starting to get better at it as well.

As far as cardio is concerned.....NO CARDIO!!! The MET training feels like sprints!! I suck wind BIG TIME!!

So if you want to check out Scott Abel click here.... Scott Abel Website

If you want to check out the wannabe big website it is

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  1. Those yogaball hyper extensions look intense and fun. I can see what you mean when people would look at you like "the heck is this lady doing?"

    That number for squats is actually my FRONT squat number. I haven't back squatted (or for that matter trained abs as a result) in forever. You were pretty close with age, but I'm actually 22 - I just photograph well. HA.

    Good stuff, Annette.