Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Re-inventing myself Week 2

I am just getting over my EXTREME disappointment that my 49ers failed to make the Super Bowl this year. Sooo sad. I was ready to order my 49er Super Bowl gear...set aside a couple hundred bucks to indulge. And to make things worse…I was being taunted by my girlfriends, my ex, and my brother on Facebook. Hawk Fans. Agh!!!! I HATE TO LOSE!! I thought my head was going to explode after that game because I think I was holding back my tears. I could not believe that I wanted to cry over a game! So stupid!! But again, I hate to lose!!!!!!! Oh well....maybe next year. In the mean time....GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!

Sporting my 49er tee-shirt for the game Sunday
 So life is not always a bowl of chocolate. Other than that game, life is good. 

Last week I trained twice and got some cardio in. I was 50% clean on my diet. I was pretty happy with that considering I was coming off a 6 week splurge. 

This week I plan to do 2 full body workouts and some mild/moderate cardio on 2-4 days. I need to be on task 80% of the time for me to consider this week successful in regards to my diet. Tonight, I trained. I did the following full body workout (Sets X Reps):
  • Squats 3 X10
  • Lat Pulldowns 3 X10
  • Lying Leg Curls 3 X 10
  • Flat Bench Press 3 X 10
  • Lunges 3 X 10
  • Cable Face Pull w/external rotation 3 X 10
  • Standing Calf Raise 3 X 10
  • Shrugs 3 X 10
  • Pallof Press 3 X 10
  • Dumbbell Curls 3 X 10
Exhausting workout indeed!! My next Training will hopefully be Friday. I will do same kind of compound movements but different exercises. 

My nutrition plan is simple….try to keep calories 1500 or below with protein at 100grams. I am not going to monitor my carbs and fat. They will take care of themselves if I hit my protein grams and stick to no more than 1500 calories…even on my training days. 

I will post progress pictures last week in Feb. I am thinking that my goal weight will be around 140 pounds. Last week I was 152 pounds. I did not weigh myself this week…and don't plan to weigh myself at all until progress pic time. My goal is to look great in my bathing suit while retaining some of my curves. If I lose more than 12 pounds of fat, I will lose my breasts and I don't want to lose all of them. I will lose a lot, but I want to have a little left. In addition to that, when I get too lean, my face starts to look gaunt and old. So at 140 pounds, I won't have a 6 pack, but my abs should be flat and I should not have any back fat or muffin top fat spilling over my jeans. Heck…I am almost 50 years old. Haha..I turned 49 earlier this month. I told my coach that my goal is to simply look as good as I can for my age. 

My daughter and her family

My Grands

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