Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year and a New Plan!!!!

Ok first thing, first. Let's compare Jan 2011 picture with 2012 picture. Now granted....I look like crap compared to March of last year....BUT, I look better this year than I did last year at this time so I met my goal.....barely lol.

The pictures with the newspaper are the 2011 pics and the pics without the paper I took today.

I am embarrassed to post these bikini pictures, but this is what I do when I am on a mission. I am "chunky" but not fat.

I am excited about my upcoming transformation because I have a GREAT coach and a GREAT new training program and diet. I predict that I will be close to my goal by the end of February and I will be spot on by March 28th!

I am committed to following my diet SEVEN DAYS A WEEK and following the training religiously barring no injuries. I will post pictures at least every 7 days and will be back to blogging a lot. I am excited because I have more muscle under the fat this year.

My coach has me on a diet with ample carbs, moderate protein. I am doing a hybrid 4 day training program that is designed for hypertrophy using traditional strength moves along with functional and conditioning moves. So, as I lean out, I should minimally maintain my muscle with hopes of gaining a pound or two of muscle as I get lean. We will see what happens.

Today I did Day 1 of the program and puked my guts out!!! Leg day...haha. Now the scary thing about this is that I only did the first 2 of 4 exercises within a complex to start out with. I won't be doing the full training plan for a month or so. I AM ALREADY PUKING ON HALF THE PROGRAM!!!!! This is scary stuff lol. I need to NOT puke.....I need the calories!!!

I have not even opened Day 2 of the program. I will wait to do that tomorrow haha.

I took some pictures in my new Brinkzone tee-shirts while I have some boobs. As I lose the fat, I will lose the boobs. I soooo hate that!!!!

I will take some "lean" t-shirt pics in March.

My new goal is to look better Jan 2, 2013 than I do today!!

Happy New Year!!

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