Sunday, November 3, 2013

Smiling about my Skin....

No training to day 

Gonna Skype with my coach tomorrow and ask him the best way to incorporate push-ups, pullups, and dips in my routine.

Don't want to talk about it....about 1600 calories of unclean food

I think I am going to love the African Black Soap and Raw Shea Butter skin care routine. Yesterday I mentioned the zit that I had that I was not going to mess with. Let me tell you something really cool. That zit came to a head within 4 hours. I could not believe it and when I washed my face with the African Black soap prior to bed, the yuk wiped clean with the rag. I followed the soap with my PTR serum followed by the Shea butter.

I can already see and feel a difference in my skin for the better. First of all, I expected to see darkened areas on my skin from the burning and redness that I had from the initial few days of using the soap. My skin did not darken. I think the Shea butter is moisturizing and has enough nutrients to help heal my skin from the irritation. My face feels smooth as silk and that zit...totally flat and barely there. 

My skin does feel oily for about 3 hours and then my face must absorb the access oil because the oiliness does get better. My makeup applies like a dream and I think I am less oily than usual. 

Another thing I am loving is that my night time routine has gone from 5 steps with 6 different products to only 3 products....cutting my 15 minute cleansing routine down to 5 minutes. I am stoked about that.

I used the Shea butter as a conditioner for my hair today and it turned out nice as well. It was easy to straighten with a flat iron.

I need an intervention
My daughter Erica with the hat

Daughter Kathy in Florida
Son Nick
Daughter Jessica

Grand Sons (Jessica Kids)

Bob (Hubby) and our dog Polp

Laurie and Annette Working...haha

My Gums are bigger than my teeth!!! I have BIG GUMS and SMALL TEETH

I love this tee!!

My grand son and daughter (Kathy's kids)

A few items from the MAC Holiday Collection 

Well...what can I say
Smashbox is another love

Kohl's extended their makeup line to some of my favorite Brands
And I can use my Kohls Cash... ahhhhhhh
This makeup palette is from The Balm as well as the makeup brush
The Powder Compact is #40 from Cargo

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