Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Happy Medium...

This past week.....

4 days of strength training and a couple of treadmill sessions after training

Push-ups...I can easily do 20 military push-ups now. Muscle memory is wonderful!

Body Weight some work to do there. I was able to do 5 body weight dips...not fully lowering my body like i should. I did several sets to reach a volume of 24. I will keep working on these.

Chin-ups...Have not done any yet. Maybe tomorrow I will see if I can do a few

I have not logged my calories but I have done much better eating clean and getting my veggies in.

We bought a half of a half of a cow....good grass fed beef. We know the owner of the poor cow and we have 226 pounds of beef in our deep freezer.

I have been eating too many eggs... Whole eggs

I am eating primarily high protein, only allowing carbs (bread, rice, fruit) with dinner. That keeps my carb intake pretty low without being too restrictive with my diet. If I want a bun with my steak, I have it...but only one meal. I pick a carb choice for that meal and limit my carbs to that choice. For instance, today, I chowed down on some brown rice and pinto beans with my chicken. I wanted to add fruit, but I did not, trying to keep my carbs limited.

I am trying to find that Happy Medium between training and nutrition that will work together to help me drop the final 10 pounds.

My African Black Soap Skin Care Update...
It has been 10 days and I am washing my face twice a day with the African Black Soap (ABS)
There are times when my face stings when I wash it, and other times when it does not sting at all. My skin looks and feels smoother and my makeup applies effortlessly. I am using less and less of the foundation. The ABS has not stopped the hormonal breakouts. Agh!! 

I ordered some Tea Tree Oil to apply along my jawline when the breakout occur. I also ordered some ABS processed with more SHEA butter to make it a bit more milder. I will continue to use my current ABS but when I do my masks and any exfoliation I will use the milder ABS. I am afraid to exfoliate while my face still stings. 

ABS with Shea
Tea Tree Oil

So the ABS and Shea Butter is working.

My Happy Place with my skin

I stopped to grab lunch at a Cafe located in one of the hospitals that I work. I ordered my food and headed out when this man stopped me. He was sitting at a table with his wife. He asked me, "you travel everyday from Fostoria all the way here to work?" I smiled and said yes...and that I travel even further when I go to my Michigan hospitals. As I was talking to him, I was desperately trying to reach deep down in the recesses of my memory to figure out who this guy was. I spoke with him like I knew him for a bit and then he shared that he saw me that morning getting coffee at the Fostoria Circle K, a gas station that I stop at everyday for my coffee. Wow...what a small world and what are the odds that he sees me (an hour away from Fostoria in that Cafe) and that he remembered me. 

My Flower Diva's
Laurie....she added flowers to our wall 

Geri- Our Surgery IT Diva

Jenn...Sporting her bareMineral's look :)

My Messy Work Space Haha

My Blended Bag of Veggies
 Sad Moment...
An AMAZING man and pillar of our community passed away Thursday. His name is Louie and he worked 45 years at our local YMCA. I went to train yesterday and was shocked when I heard the news. I found it quite difficult to train, but I did. 

Louie left a positive impact on our community and he will be DEARLY MISSED, but I am comforted by the fact that I know Louie is with our heavenly Father.

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