Monday, February 6, 2012

More truths be told....

I had an amazing training week. I am loving my hybrid plan and am feeling strong. While my training was strong and on point, my nutritional efforts were lacking to say the least. Actually my diet darn well sucked!! I sent my report to my coach feeling kinda shameful about my lack of discipline. The previous 2 weeks went well and I was feeling mighty proud of myself....and the last week everything just fell apart with my diet.

Coach wrote, " Well that's one problem right there- attaching  "pride" and the opposite of "shame" to all of this. It should be something that just "is"--as in, you have a goal- it takes X,Y,Z to get there and you do it. Attaching emotion to it in terms of self-judgement-(good me, bad me) just makes it more and more stressful and difficult and stress seeks release and relief." He is right. I can get myself so worked up over even the smallest things when it comes to diet and training. I beat myself up more than anybody does. I can be my own worse enemy.

My report was long winded...which is my normal response when I did not do everything I was supposed to do. Then I start to justify why I behave the way I do...why I don't stay on point. At one point I wrote...."I know in the back of my mind that I don't need to be "ripped" for the photos and I am using this excuse to negotiate with myself to eat off plan". Coach writes....Yes, that is very immature thinking "I can get away with this so why do my best?" That's weak.

Coach tells me like it is.....just plain and simple and I need that. I am not used to that actually. Most people tell me what I want to hear or sugar coat things. I think many of us are used to hearing the sugar.

I usually do not share my personal correspondences that I have with my coach and won't make a habit of doing so, but there are times when I feel things need to be shared to get a point or lesson across to others that may be experiencing the same thing.

I want to share one more thing that hit home for me in the face of my choices this past week. He wrote, "anyone can do what is called for when it is easy or when they feel like it. Time to step up. Be the person you say you are-and own this, because your actions always tell the truth.

When I told him that I wanna cry over my lack of discipline last week he wrote, Really?, over this you want to cry? Do you realize how blessed you are in your life "this" is the circumstance you have to cry about."

This is coaching at it's best.  He is able to help me look in the mirror at actions and see the real me...which ain't always what I wanna see.

I am blessed abundantly!!

My beautiful grand children......and one in the oven.

As for me.... here are my latest progress progress at all this week...actually my pictures look worst....but it is what it is right? It's all good.

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