Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Legs, butt, back...they all hurt

My legs are killing me. I trained legs yesterday morning and they are sore all the way around. The interesting thing about this hybrid program is that for some reason each week feels a little different even though I am doing the same exercises. I am assuming this is partly because I am becoming more familiar with the program and exercises. I was super shocked yesterday about the newly found strength I had as I did pushups off of 2 medicine balls. For the past couple of weeks or so I struggled with pushups from the medicine ball. Yesterday I cranked the pushups out without issue. I was bewildered by that. Hmmmm.... pretty cool stuff.

I was hungry yesterday, but I did not care about the hunger. It just existed and I did not give it any mind. I ate all my food for the day and that's it.  It felt good about not caring about being hungry.

My mind is all over the place this week. That is why I am blogging more than usual. Whenever my mind races past my usual, I need to try to slow my mind down. It is always in high gear, but at times my mind is in overdrive and reading and blogging helps me to just slow things down. 

I am a bit anxious about a few upcoming things and I attribute the racing thoughts to the upcoming events...even though my thoughts are not related to the anxiety related things. I need to meditate...well practice meditating. My mind needs that. Yep, I need to empty my mind.

Today I had to do an exercise with our leadership team where I work. We had to read this book about our leadership style and then all the leadership got together to share their leadership style. As usual, I am running a little behind because I got caught up with a phone call prior to the meeting. I walked into the meeting and and sat down as the facilitator was presenting slides about a specific leadership style. As I sat down, Steve whispered to me..."Annette, you are the only pioneer leadership style of the whole leadership group." He laughed and said something silly that I cannot recall and then I remarked, yep, I am the black sheep of our leadership family. We both laughed for a minute then I started paying attention to facilitator as she discussed one of the 8 or so leadership styles.

In my mind I thought, dang....the odd ball of the bunch again. Yep, that's me lol. I recalled the same feeling I had 16 years ago after taking the Myer-Briggs personality test when I was a supervisor. There were 4 quadrants, and again all the people were placed in the quadrant that they belong to. Amongst the team, there were a fair amount of people in a certain quadrant and then there was me...way out in the corner by myself. 

I laugh about this and started  singing the sesame street song in my of these things is not like the other. One of these things just isn't the same.... Check out this link

Story of my life. It is a gift and a curse. I do beat to my own drum and I like it that way, but some people don't appreciate the sound of my drum...and that causes tension at times.

But when I start feeling a bit insecure about being the odd ball, or failing in something, I start singing this in my head....

New subject... I took the picture below on Monday. I am not happy with the picture because I can see the IHOP and chocolate chip cookies and beer that I shamefully enjoyed over the weekend. Pitiful. No discipline.

 My coached posted the following link on his Facebook...

If discipline and self-control create tension and pressure in you - then you do not understand discipline and self-control. What you are exercising and reinforcing at that point is your actual "resistance" to both - discipline and self-control are "freeing" in that they deliver you to what you want.

Wow...powerful and true statement.

I need to stop resisting and start doing!!!

I have a lot of work ahead of me to get where I want to be

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  1. hey girl! haven't heard from you in ages. SO glad to see you're still with Scott. He's amazing! Keep it up. You're so strong!