Sunday, February 15, 2015

No looking back....forward motion

Well....I did promise that I would post some progress pictures. I must admit, it was not easy posting these pictures not because I think they are horrible pics, but simply because I have a forum reputation to uphold....hehehe. But, let's get truthful...and real, right? I enjoyed eating a little too much the past year and it shows, but.......the fat is coming off again. Pretty soon we will see that muscle peeking through after I get rid of a few more layers of fat.

BTW...I could not post my side view because of indecent exposure and I did not feel like retaking more pics. 


This morning I took these pics after splurging at our (hubby and I) fav Mexican restaurant where I ate what I wanted. I had a jumbo Margarita and a seafood quesadilla that was huge....and let's not forget the tortilla chips prior to the meal. It was soooooo good! I thought I would wake up this morning feeling like crap...but I did not. I am a little bloated but nothing major and the scale was not unfriendly to me.

I had a great week training wise. I did 3 full body workouts and 3 moderate 30 minute cardio workouts. I have not done cardio like that for years and I hated the first day...but the other 2 sessions were fine. It is amazing how my body said....I remember when you used to do this cardio thing to me. Let me adjust and make your next sessions a bit easier like it used to be. So...I successfully completed my weekly goal of 3 full body training sessions (more gym time) and 3 cardio sessions (to get the fat loss moving a bit faster). 

I did not have a 3 Muskateer bar daily like I said I would allow myself as a reward for the added cardio. I only had 1 bar the entire week. I am in my chocolate craving mode because I am about to start my period, but instead of the candy bar option, I bought a double chocolate ON protein powder, some cocoa powder, a bag of semi sweet chocolates and added 2 TBSP of cocoa powder and 1 scoop of double chocolate protein powder to my high protein oatmeal packet....and sometimes I add a few sprinkles of pecans if I did not get a chance to eat breakfast. So that concoction costs me 572 calories , 22g Fat, 61g carbs, and 37g protein. I stay full longer, I satisfied my sweet tooth in a semi healthier way. It's a lot of calories, but I only do it if I missed breakfast and I am approaching lunch time and craving chocolate. The rest of my day is pretty clean.

I bought another gym membership mainly for my son Nick. The owner gave us a family rate for a single rate price...He was my first personal trainer and I used to always have a membership at his gym. Since I travel so much on a daily basis, I just keep a YMCA  membership at this time, but my son wanted to train at Brett's gym since it is 24/7 hours and has the old school feel which we love. I am going to the gym to get Nick on a program. He is excited about that. I also bought him a good protein powder for hard gainers since he is 6'1 and all of about 140 pounds due to his issue that I shared in a previous post. He is 17 days clean!!! I will keep you all posted on his progress. 

So my strength workouts for Mon and Fri were (not lifting heavy due to calorie restriction)

Squats 60 x 10/ 95 x 10/ 115 x 10
Lying Leg curls 25 x 10/ 27.5 x 10/ 30 x 10 
Standing calf raises 160 x 10/ 160 x 10/ 160 x 10
Walking Lunges w/ 10 pound weights 3 sets of 10 (killers for me)
T Bar rows 45 x 10/ 55 x 10/ 65 x 10
DB Military Press 20 x 10/ 20 x 10/ 25 x 10
Machine Flys 55 x 10/ 65 x 10/ 70 x 10
Side Lateral Raises ( ISO raises) 10 x 10 for 3 sets

Wednesday Workout
ISO Leg Press  100 x 10/ 110 x 10/ 110 x 10 each leg
SLDL  90 x 10/ 115 x 10/ 115 x 10
Standing Calf Raises 160 x 10/ 160 x 10/ 160 x 10
High Bench Step ups BW x 10  alternating each leg for 3 sets
Lat Pulldown 85 x 10/ 90 x 10/ 100 x 10
Bench Press ISO Machine 45 x 10/ 65 x 10/ 65 x 10 (killer)
Cable Face Pulls  with external rotation 40 x 10 for 3 sets
Shrugs  BB 115 x 10 for 3 sets
DB Curl 20 x 10/ 25 x 10/ 25 x 10
Tricep Extension 40 x 10 for 3 sets

Tuesday Stair Master 30 minutes / Thursday EFX 30 minutes/ Saturday Lateral EFX  Machine 30 min

That's my typical split....and I may substitute exercises for body parts here and there :)

Next photos will be in March sometime.

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