Sunday, February 8, 2015

DietBet Challenge

So it's been over a month and I have been watching my calories more or less. I have lost about 16 pounds and I am glad about that. I look better this week than last week. Now I am to the point that IN THE MORNING PRIOR TO EATING, I can look acceptable in a 2 piece bathing suit without sucking it in. Ha.... I will take that.

So I won my online dietbet challenge. I don't remember if I mentioned the dietbet in my last blog...and I am too lazy to look, so forgive me if this is repetitive info...but, what dietbet is is an online challenge where you put money in and with this dietbet challenge  if you lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days you win. They don't care what type of weight you's based on the scale. They have this process where they send you a code word that you have to place next to scale as you weigh in and out. It has to be a digital scale and you must weigh in on same scale at end of the game. You also have to include a full body shot standing on the scale with that code name. I jumped into that game 2 weeks late cuz I know how to lose 7 pounds of weight in a week let alone 2 weeks. Now...3 pounds of that weight was just pure water weight, but I did managed to lose 4 pounds of bodyfat in 2 weeks. So, the pot was $37,500 bucks and I put in $25 dollars. There were over 1500 players. By the end of the game, I nearly doubled my money...$49.00. So score!  So this is how I reward myself at the end of the month. I ended up spending the money on some makeup that I wanted.

I am going to enter another game tonite and do the same thing again. I will keep doing this until I get to the weight that I want to be. So...I think I will need 2 more games to reach my goal weight of between 140-145 pounds. I will have noticeable abs at 145 pounds. At 140 I will be LEAN!!!! So, we will see. Depends on what I look like. I don't want to be too lean where I lose all my curves. And at age 50, I need to watch the leanness in my face. I get super lean in my face....naturally, and I frankly don't know how my skin will look at the super lean state. I don't want any saggy skin!!!! So I will keep an eye on that. I know for a fact that I look younger with a fuller face. I refuse to have a smokin' body and a jacked up So, we will see what weight I look the best at. Unfortunately, I am no spring chicken anymore. 

Hey....exciting news!!!! Toledo has an Apple Store in our main mall. I am in heaven. Now I have another place other than Sephora to hang out at :) I admit, I am one of the apple junkies...yup, for sure. 

I also want to share pics of 2 new additions to my family. My mom got 2 Shih Tzu's. The brown one is Snoop and the black one is Romeo. They are the cutest....and a handful. They are around 14 weeks....born November 1st last year.


I had some awesomeness happen. I received a refund on some work I had done on my car...that cost me a pretty penny. Found out they recalled a piece in the power steering. Mine went down a while ago. Well, they refunded my money, so I had extra money that I was not counting on, so I went shopping and got all the things that I had on my Wishlist for my makeup and skin care. See, I am on a "low" buy because I don't need all the stuff that I buy. But I get such a high and INTENSE enjoyment buying things that I makeup, skin care, and techie gadgets. Of course the stuff I want is high end and costs way too much money. So...yesterday I went shopping and it was AWESOME!!! I think I have everything I want for a while. I am good til spring time.

So for my training, I am mixing things up a bit. Instead of 4 sessions of strength training a week where I end up having to upper body days and 2 lower body days, I am going to have 3 full body session a week M,W,F and the days between I will do some moderate cardio...stair master or something like that for 30 minutes. That's the only thing I will change.

My eating, I will eat relatively clean and continue to have 1 cheat meal a week. 

Since I am adding the cardio...I am allotting myself one 3 Muskateer bar a day....hehehe. We will see if I continue to lose doing that. If not, I will cut them out. I am going to try it this week haha.

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